Night Hawk & the gang

Started by Luner Frost, 2016 Jan 16, 17:19:02

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Luner Frost

"Greetings, I'm Night Hawk, a simple Unicorn from a Secret Kingdom, located in Cirvidas, just south of equestrian across the body of water known as Eternity's crossing. its been a long time sense I've seen home, cause I snuck onto a sailors ship when I was a young colt and moved to equestrian, but hey, if a colt can live on there own, then they got a future, Right?"

"anyway, my cutie mark is a sun being eclipsed by a crescent moon with a star in the middle, which represents both my respect for the celestial bodies as well as my skill in a form of magic I like to call 'Balance'. so your probably wondering how I got my mark, well, i guess that will be a story for another time."

"currently, I am 21 years old, and there are many things I like to do on my free time, one such thing is meditate, it helps both calm my mind and focus my magic. I also like to read some times, though I never really get the chance,what with living in the Everfree forest and all. though, often times I help Zecora gather herbs, and she often repays me with a herbal tea I like, but I digress."

" I don't actually like my Family, which is why I ran away to begin with, and I don't like to talk about my past. What's that? my Job, oh, ehehe, well I tend to examine the ruined castle of the royal sisters, studying ancient equestrian knowledge lost to time, like the torn page I found on the crystal empire, as well as an enchanted book on discord, oddly it was flying around like a bird, grabbing it was quite difficult now that I think about it. Though when I'm not learning about the past, I'm often growing food in my garden at my hut, and I have yet to actually visit ponyville, though i will need to do that soon, as one of my tools for exploring got damaged. lets just hope i don't come across that pink pony that i see come into the everfree every once in a while, she seams to hyper for my tastes."

Kat the skeleton

Undersans/skeleton pony/has no family of friends because they are all dead.has faster blasters and bone attacks.walks up to night hawk."hey you"

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