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Started by sonny_starbrite, 2016 Jan 16, 15:20:27

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2016 Jan 16, 15:20:27 Last Edit: 2016 Jan 16, 15:31:06 by sonny_starbrite
Anyone else continue to have issues with this?  Happens a LOT between all the portal areas, but is worst going to Ponydale.  :c

Only way for me to get around this is I have to completely close the game and reload and hope I don't get stuck at this screen again when I try using portal again or just logging back into the game.

Some of you will probably say you don't have issues with this, I'm happy for you, but that doesn't solve the issue for me and makes going through a portal and exploring this game a burden.

But if somebody knows how to avoid these waiting screens of death, let me know, I'm up for a fix so I don't get disconnected from the game almost every time I enter a portal.  I can't explore the game or even enjoy questing between zones, because of the waiting screen of death that pops up almost every time.

Thanks for any response.


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oops, posted this in wrong area.  Tried to delete from this forum area, but it won't let me, I don't have rights to delete my own post.  lol

Reposting this over to "Help Desk", since this is a game issue during a live server.



Thank you for reporting the issue to the help desk! :)

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