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Started by Snow Crystals, 2016 Jan 16, 10:08:00

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Snow Crystals

2016 Jan 16, 10:08:00 Last Edit: 2016 Jan 16, 18:36:16 by Snow Crystals
Connecting to the servers is a rediculas wait if you happened to relaunch it.   Buildings have not approve sense i seen a few ponies go in them and me too >.>....  No matter how many times it's the same OSW sense the last time i played >.>

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What i mean is Canterlot buildings and Pony Dale buildings not crystal empire >.>

The Cave in pony dale glitched

3rd server glitch looking at the city way to long in the loading process.

Cave Monster bugs

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Channels are switching a lot >.<   Not sure but i think the ever shade was post to have a different kind of music than pony dale but idk if they changed it >.> but in the pre alpha it was different audio bug in the ever shade

Canterlot rocks are levitating


Most of these issues have already been reported in the "Game Bug Reports" helpdesk, so I think I'll lock up this thread and move it to the "resolved" issues for now.

That doesn't mean that these issues are 100% fixed, it's just that we're aware of them, and I'm not sure they will be relevant anymore by the time the next OSE happens.

We appreciate you taking the time to inform us of everything that you found during the previous OSE! Hopefully we'll see you again next time! <3

Not to be confused with Zukiuke

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