[Herd/Applications] Ice Cygnus Legions & Lava Cygnus Legions

Started by Snow Crystals, 2016 Jan 13, 00:00:24

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Snow Crystals

Sense we didn't get anymore people to join in these past 2 years.  This herd is closed.


Name: Militum
Age: 18
Race: Earth pony
Gender: stallion 
Talent: Military Asceticism 
Legion: lava
M: Dark blue T: Dark blue

Ever since I was a colt, I desired to protect my family and friends. As I grew older, I realized to truly protect my love ones and their future, I must fight for something, no somepony, greater than them. My d'ĂȘtre is to safeguard Celestia as part of her royal guard.

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