Gaming Hooves: Stuck In My TrotStation (Sign Up)

Started by Wondering Lightning, 2016 Jan 05, 20:47:05

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Wondering Lightning

A young pony with her six friends have been saving up their bits for about a year. Why? Well, there was the new TrotStation4 was coming out, and they really wanted one. They had decided that they would put it in the club house they made together. Thanks to the great engineering skills Colorful Buttons (My amazing unicorn OC) has, she was able to add, electricity. What was the first game they got, well, it was a simulation game. Just not a normal one, it was one where you put on a helmet and you live the game. It was called Magic Trainer, not only was it cool, but it was online and for all ponies too! Just there was a problem, after they entered the game, they couldn't get out of the helmet. They found themselves traveling the concert to find a way out

Colorful Buttons (Wondering Lightning)

You know what, my rule are pretty much the same for everything. I am boring, deal with it. If you are not a participent, don't post! No alicorns please.....
Well, if you want a signature...... ask me to draw...... you'll find it somewhere in the drawing............ I make sense lol!

Super sayian pony

2016 Jan 12, 18:31:57 #1 Last Edit: 2016 Feb 10, 18:30:37 by Super sayian pony
I think I might have the perfect OC for this ;)

Spoiler: show
Ginger Snap
Has an off white mane & tail. Also ginger brown fur
Often the comedic relief in certain situations and the one that breaks the awkward silences. Also Earth pony. If I missed anything tell me.



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Well my OC is definitely the one for this RP
Spoiler: show

Name: TechnoDub (Tech for short)
Age: 14
Bio: selfless, little shy, Gamer
Appearance: Prof pic
Race: Unicorn
Thanks for being the best community out there all you Bronies! ( and Pegisisters )

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