Odd things in the show you didn't notice right away.

Started by Dawnstar, 2015 Dec 13, 18:45:50

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Now that the show's 5th season has ended and another hiatus is starting up there's been a lot of time for various things in the show to sink in.

I'm curious about those odd little things you've seen in the show that didn't quite register right away, but later on made you go "hey wait a second..."

Maybe someone else has spotted something that the rest of us might have missed or interpreted differently. This is all about speculation on those strange little details that might be more interesting when you think about them a second time.

Feel free to link screen caps so the rest of us can see what you saw.

The two things that interested me most when I finally noticed them:
Spoiler: Uncanny Map Similarities • show

This is actually something I just noticed just this weekend, but you know the updated official map we were given near the beginning of season 5? Well I remembered way back in season 2 in the episode "Secret of My Excess" that when spike was starting to steal things; one of the things he took was a globe Twilight had in the library.

Now the design of the globe is -extremely- simplified, but when I compared it to the new official map I noticed there was an uncanny similarity between the location and (general) shape of the visible major continents.

Comparison images. Just match the different continents on the official map to what's on the globe:
Spoiler: The Globe • show

Spoiler: The New Official Map • show

Of course I hope none of you had any headcanons about Equestria being a past or future Earth because their world apparently has an Antarctica-sized continent at their North Pole.

Spoiler: Soarin' • show

There has been a detail in Soarin's design that has had my interest since his first appearance without his goggles in "The Best Night Ever."

The detail is the almost constant tired-eye look with an extra line below his eyes that almost makes it look like he has bags under his eyes. This detail has been very consistent in his design both with and without his Wonderbolts flight suit and even appears when he appears to be relaxed. The only time you can't see it is when he's wearing his goggles (and in a few scenes of "Rainbow Falls").

I initially brushed it off at first because, with the Gala and his injury at Rainbow Falls I figured he was just under a lot of stress. However, the detail was there before the competition in "Equestria Games" where you'd think he would've gotten plenty of rest to de-stress beforehand. After that, something finally clicked in my head after watching "Rarity Investigates" because I had to go through the list of background ponies to make sure.

What I found was that there were a few other ponies that shared the same "tired with bags under the eyes" look. The ones from "Rarity Investigates" of course were Wind Rider and Stormy Flare, but there was also Filthy Rich and Pinkie Pie's father from very early episodes who also shared that look, and the one thing those four ponies have in common is that they are not young ponies.

Which begs the question: Just how old is Soarin' really? Because if you compare him to those other four he'd be old enough to be one of the mane six's dads.

For pictures I made sure to grab ones where Soarin' wouldn't have been under a lot of stress:
Spoiler: Soarin' Flight Suit • show

Spoiler: Soarin' Without Suit • show

Spoiler: Wind Rider • show

Spoiler: Stormy Flare • show

Spoiler: Filthy Rich • show

Spoiler: Pinkie Pie's Father • show

So yeah, those are the two most interesting "little details" I've found to be intriguing. Go ahead and discuss them or share anything you might have found just as interesting.  ^-^


Okay, so the one episode in season 5, the one with the Smooz in it. There was this one part of the scene,
Spoiler: With this one pony • show

Spoiler: And this one scene • show

When I saw it, I knew it was a reference to something, but I didn't know what. It wasn't until later that people pointed out what it was.
Spoiler: It's what this kid was wearing • show

Spoiler: In reference to this scene from The Shining • show
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I'm fairly sure that this is something my fellow fans haven't noticed: the Apple family orchards are almost ALWAYS in bloom. My case in point(if that's a phrase :s): Bats.
Spoiler: show
Ok, if  you're reading this, you've seen this episode. So, vampire fruit bats attack AJs apple crops. AJ calls her friends, sings one of this shows creepiest songs, and everyone goes away. The next day,EVERY tree is in bloom.
This points to a theory I heard that Earth ponies have their own kind of magic, but THAT is a post for another time. ;)


Discord in the window of fluttershy's cottage in the opening and the gesture he makes, Its just plain creepy. >:/


Actually, from Equestria Girls:
Where is that world's Sunset Shimmer?  Anyone else notice the lack of mention of this pretty important person?

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Quote from: moonbeam16 on 2016 Feb 24, 22:43:54
Actually, from Equestria Girls:
Where is that world's Sunset Shimmer?  Anyone else notice the lack of mention of this pretty important person?

Equestria Girls is just a fanfic. That's pretty much the most logical way of looking at it from my point of view.

Equestria Girls is about as influential to the main show as Fallout Equestria. Sunset Shimmer is never mentioned in the show for the same reason Littlepip isn't mentioned.

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