Anyone playing any MMO's?

Started by CrescentSnow, 2015 Dec 11, 22:19:25

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If so what are you playing?

Are you part of Mlp type group/guild?


That all depends on what you're playing, what games we have and play, and what server & world we play in and not to mention what MMORPG you're looking for as well.

For me, well I play maple story since I'm stuck with the game till I get a job so I'm in a guild that my friend dragged me into, but we're inactive right now and i'm the only active member in the guild. You can find me in broa world. oh about the guild, my guild leader said it's made for social. I wouldn't recommend playing this game due to negative and bad reviews. You can tell by a lot of complaints, and issues are being ignored and not resolving at a longest time and people can't abide nexon's time and work just to resolve the issue. The game is just full of bugs & glitches and sometimes the exploits as well. You can read a lot of negative reviews of this game (including mine) on the steam client or other sites that has written negative and bad reviews. The game is free-2-play, but most people say it's pay-2-win instead of free-2-play

I also play Final fantasy XI, but I'm not sure what became of my social and dynamis linkshells right now. According to my linkshell leader, they have 2 social linkshells for now, but you'll find most of us in asura server. I'm not playing this game currently till I get a job so yeah, this game is pay 2 play

By popular final fantasy MMORPG would by XIV. I've seen a lot of people play the game, but I don't play this game anyway although I'm pretty sure there are few people who played this game before. final fantasy XIV is also pay 2 play. I've seen my brother play the game, but I'm not even sure if the game catches my interest.
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The only Mmo i've been playing lately is TERA, right no i'm only in a guild with 1 char but the other 5 chars are not in one, and the guild is not mlp related but i've seen several mlp related guild on the server.
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Runescape has the very large clan "Bronyville" they have a forums, TS and in game a Tier six citadel. One of the fun things they do is change their symbol and colors to match different ponies each week.

I recently left that clan to join one with some Tumblr firends, a clan that had more RS video actors and artists.


I play Mabinogi, & sometimes DayZ or Tera :)

I don't know of any MLP guilds though!

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I play Wakfu every once in a while. run my own guild (by guild I mean me my brother and my mom)


Recently I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. So far the lore, characters and some of the missions in it have been quite interesting and so is the music, even if isn't new.


Thanks to its animé adaptation currently airing (though the game's been out longer than that), I've been playing Onigiri. Been soloing so far, but there's a very good reason for that: you gain NPC partners and even something similar to a pet that fight alongside you, but of course you can still party up with others.

I should point out that the battle system actually MAKES you aim at your opponents instead of just merely using attacks and skills. Furthermore, you can also dodge in any direction, guard, and (if you time it right) perfect guard so you don't take any damage. It's definitely something I haven't seen in many MMORPG's that I've played.

There are also PS4 and XBox One versions of the game. Sadly, they can't cross-connect with each other. I'm playing the PC version.
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It's been a long time since I played MMOs.

Back in the day I played a little bit of Guild Wars, Flyff, Mabinogi, Eden Eternal and Megaten Online.
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The MMO I last played was, where you get to play as little tanks and you shoot shapes and other players on this huge map. You get upgrades and different upgrade paths for whatever tank build you choose. It's quite fun.


I play Final Fantasy XIV. I love this game SO MUCH :)
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It's been about a year since I've played it, but I used to play a lot of RIFT. I managed to sink around 400 hours into it, so it's okay I guess.
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There was a MMO called "Face of Mankind" that had a MLP guild called Equestrian Royal Guard. The game is gone now.

As for currently, I am playing SWTOR which is a good game to get into (PVP, PVE, RP). Only 1 of 10 characters are in a guild, and there are no MLP guilds to my knowledge.
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I used to play an MMO on steam called "Eldevin" but it got boring for me, though it lasted for a good 3 years from me, which is a lot more dedication than I've done with any other MMO and I don't regret it. Though I will be playing a new MMO in two days, I'm sure you can guess what it is.  :P

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I don't really play MMOs myself.  I've given a few a try over the years, but for the most part I can't get into them.  Often the gameplay is just not to my taste, to say nothing of the endless grinding a lot have.

So far I've put the most effort into Final Fantasy XIV, I made a couple/few characters and got to a halfway decent level for a non-MMO fan (I think I hit the mid to late 20's on one character?).  I think it was an Arcanist class?  I also had a white mage type character that I didn't get so far with.

I wanted to like TESO, but that felt like a generic MMO with TES lore elements more than anything.  If it played like Oblivion with MMO elements I would have been all over it, probably.

Most of the handful of others that I've tried I only lasted until the mid teens or so in terms of levels.  I think the first MMO I really tried was Shaiya (I liked the light/dark style of the mythology backstory it has, and the art was good for a F2P, at least at the time).  I THINK I tried WoW Free Trial when that first came out too.


I've recently gotten back into LOTRO (The Lord of the Rings Online), and it's loads of fun for Middle-earth fans such as myself. There's quite a lot you can do for free, though paid things obviously exist.

As for a Brony group, I don't know if one exists, but you could easily create a pony-themed kinship, and invite people. Idk.
Here's the website. I'd recommend checking out the game if you like Lord of the Rings, and/or just want an MMO to play (other than LoE, of course.    :P  ) Just keep in mind it began about ten years ago, so some things might be a bit dated.

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I haven't played MMORPGs in years. Last one I played was WoW:BC and got tired of the click auto-fighting gameplay. I tried Silkroad: Online but given the premium system advanced players I just felt reduntant no matter what I did. I'm glad LoE is a fan game and won't pull premium crud with us. As British hip-hop record producer Mark B album says: "Friendship Ends Where Business Begins".

Still not long before Open Access Release I've been thinking of getting the PSO2 Tweaker and getting the fansubbed version of Phantasy Star Online II. But dunno if I am ready to commit to an MMOG. (But I guess LoE prooves I can!)

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I play Adventure Quest Worlds on occasion, and I plan to play the Terrain of Magical Expertise MMO free demo when I pay for the kickstarter and download it on Saturday.


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I've played WoW for 8 years, but stopped when token expired. Lost interest in playing it. I've also played for a short time Neverwinter Online, but couldn't play because of weak graphic card. Never returned to this game even after upgrade. I've heard from a friend, that there's no endgame. I play TESO from time to time, hopefully they wont turn it into P2W, if they do i quit for good. Haven't seen any MLP guilds in WoW or TESO btw.

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I'm thinking of playing ESO: Tamriel Unlimited since I got it for free as part of my humble bundle subscription and since LoE seems to not want me to log in anymore, it's just giving me errors, so I hope it's not as bad as people say it is.

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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