Start of a Journey. ((Closed roleplay, I am rusty I need practice))

Started by CrescentSnow, 2015 Nov 17, 00:24:14

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As the sun rose to shine upon Cloudsdale, Toastedalmond awoke as soon as she heard her alarm. With a few grunts and grumbles, she hits her alarm.

"I really don't want to get up." She stated to herself softly in waking a tone. She put on her glasses and gave a look around her room. She gave a long drawn out sigh. She had so many memories of Cloudsdale and sadness could be seen in her eyes. With her parents passed away and her siblings all moved away she was the only pony left of her family that reside in Cloudsdale. She had sense she would be leaving in due time.

One particular thing that stood about Toastedalmond, she didn't bare a cutiemark. She never thought it really mattered to her. As she putting her work uniform for the Rainbow Factory a letter was slipped under her door.

When she opened it, everything went dark. **to be continued**

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