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Princess Darcy

2015 Nov 11, 10:24:56 Last Edit: 2016 Jun 05, 20:25:26 by Princess Darcy
I think most everyone forgot these are here, in fact I was reminded last night about it, and I figured I'd make a biography myself!  Fun right?

So firstly, hello!  I'm Darcy, or I also go as LaptopBrony.  OR, you might even remember Pipkin, if you've been here long enough! Anyways, no, that's not actually my real name...yet.  Maybe in the future, hehe.  That was the easy part, now, what interesting things can I tell you about me...hmm?

Prior to college, I was a retail employee for 10 years, working in the meat department.  For 4 of those years as an assistant manager and 3 of those years as a manager, also working in other departments, such as cash office, cashier, receiving, tech support, even security.  Now, I am unemployed, trying to concentrate on school.  *shrug*

I am a Canadian college student, studying Computer Programming.  I'm actually writing this in my networking class.  Don't tell my professor!  I am hoping by the end of my 3 year program to enter software development, or, I can take a one year post-graduate program for game development.  I can't help but feel that watching LoE's development has helped to spark my interest in this field.  While I don't have any game projects under my belt yet, I am working on a couple programming project, like this one here.  Meet CoffeeBot...

I am also a digital artist, mainly specializing in MLP style artwork, however I have previously created Sonic fanart waaay back in the mid-late 2000s.  I have also dabbled in making pony plushies, developing my own pattern, however time restraints have limited making more than a couple at this point.  Now, time for a shameless plug!  http://laptopbrony.deviantart.com/

I joined the MLP fandom in October 2011, learning about the show through fan-made content such as PMVs, music and artworks.  Seeing the amazing works the fandom has created around the show, I watched the show to see what all the hype was about, instantly falling in love with the style and animation, reminding me of shows I used to watch in the '90s.  About nine months later, I decided to try my luck at making artworks of my own, finding interest in making cute ponies of my own, and finding it satisfying.

Now for the stuff you likely care about.

I joined LoE around the same time I started drawing, back in July 2012.  Back then I ran a different name (anyone remember LaptopCommandStation?  Please don't, I hate that name lol).  I discovered the game through EQD, coincidentally enough, that day being the first time I have ever been on that site.  I enjoyed the forum scene and decided to see if this was a fun forum to be on.  Well, it's 20152016 and i'm a moderator now, I guess it's alright ;)  I joined the moderation team almost exactly two years later, in July 2014.  I also try to help out when i'm not busy(which is almost never...) as a script and hopefully soon, unity implementer.  I'm hoping that helping with these departments, specifically using Unity, will help me work towards game development projects in the future...

So, that's about all I can think of.  I'm pretty boring, but thanks for reading this anyways :D

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