What is your favourite reference?

Started by Magic Nova, 2015 Nov 10, 01:05:09

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Magic Nova

What is your favourite direct/subtle reference(s) to other media (books, film, games, etc.) in the show so far?


Probably all the greek mythology references.  X3

<3 <3 <3


My favorite reference has always been the Back to the Future reference in the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 episode, for really no particular reason other than the fact that I really like Back to the Future. Also because there aren't many other references that I can recall aside from the blatant ones.


Apple doesnt know, maybe the reference to the illuminattis when celestia showed she put cameras everywhere to watch twilight's whole life.

There is more than we know about princess sunbutt xD


In the 100th episode, Slice of Life, when Doctor Whooves says Allons-y while wearing a scarf that the 4th doctor wears

Plus I have to give them props in putting brony paired up characters into the show, when Octavia and Vinyl jumped the shark, Gummy's thoughts, and making Derpy a mane character of an episode. (Also, if you have not seen bronies react and/or haven't seen it in the episode, when all the background ponies that were on vinyl's mobile dj booth and it was doing a time-lapse transition before they hit the twi-cane, there is a flash of an image with guys with horse masks, no lie)
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In Princess Spike, the two pones he had to deal with first, the mare resembles the sheriff in the movie Fargo, more of an adult reference being an older very known movie. I had a very good laugh when I saw that :3


I wonder why nobody said Doctor Who yet.


There is so so so many ;A; but during discords song "Glass of Water" i really enjoyed the harry potter refrence as well as the losengers commercial lol but a lot of this season (season 6) the titles have been refrences to songs and movies and i really like that as well  (i.e. Stranger than Fanfiction being a refrence to stranger than fiction and so on)
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It's a tie between my favorite anime to one of my favorite movies and both are in the season 6 premiere.  Only one is in Part 1 and the other Part 2.

One is a Sailor Moon reference in the flashback of Kunzite and Venus in pony form, and the 2nd is a Dark Crystal reference (Big Jim confirmed it) of when Sunburst inserts the smaller crystal into the Crystal Heart.  In the Dark Crystal movie, the main character Jen inserts a Crystal shard into the Dark Crystal.  That moment was just as epic lol.


Doctor Who's reference to Harry Potter was great.  That was way back in the Tennant era of the show, though.

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