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Started by Takadaroba, 2015 Oct 27, 20:32:48

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2015 Oct 27, 20:32:48 Last Edit: 2015 Oct 30, 23:18:11 by Takadaroba
First things first, I do not intend to self advertise, I'm here just seeing if anyone would be interested in seeing a gaming channel trying to rise its way through the ranks  :P
So, I have my own Youtube channel, with over 200 videos, that is also very lacking in views and subscribers and I thought I could share it here. Mostly I've been working on a series called Grindstone where I, accompanied by my cousin, are taking a look at some MMOs and playing through them, while only making videos for check in's or cool aspects of the game! We've only done one game so far, but we'll be moving on to another once we're done c:
I also want to do some other let's plays for a few games such as Minecraft: Story Mode (PC) Threads of Fate (PS1) Phantasy Star Universe (PC) Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Xbox 360) The Walking Dead (Xbox 360) and a few other things among that. Guys got any ideas for other games I could play? I'm really in need of some feedback from anyone ^-^
Thanks for taking your time to read this :D
Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXG8XuohOJrgymokCRwUziw

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