Funny story thread!

Started by Sweet Brew, 2015 Oct 16, 07:46:20

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Sweet Brew

I haven't seen one here yet, so I thought I'd make one!

This is for funny or cute stories to be shared with the brony world.
Real life? in a video game? Doesn't matter!
As long as it's funny it belongs here.

I'll start off with...

Spoiler: I'm dreaming of a naughty catmas • show
Most Christmas eves me and my siblings would spend it at our Dads house.
We'd hang all our stockings up and all the tree ornaments up and when we'd come home our Dads' cat "Hobbes" would have knocked all the purple shiny ornaments off the tree and all the stockings off the wall...all except his own stocking.(Which FYI was a cute little mitten!)

This happened multiple times.

But remember to keep the stories forum appropriate.


This was a long time ago, back when I was small, me, my brother and a few friends of his were playing football at one of our old homes and when one of the friends attempted to pass the ball over to my brother, he accidentally knocked over a few cups full of juices of the main table. lol

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