We've gone alpha! New trailer!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Oct 01, 18:28:32

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Awesome! Glad to see just how far this game has gone! Last open server I only crashed out twice and was so impressed with the sudden server strengthening. I can't wait to see what all comes next
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 That's good news I can bear with...! *-*

Looking forward to the next build! Great work, Legends of Equestria!


 ^-^congrats for making it into alpha  when is the next open server weekend i don't think we had one since august ^-^

Princess Darcy

Yes, August was the last one we held.  We'll announce any upcoming events well ahead of time so remember to keep checking back for updates :D

Tiger Eye

Will be Twilight's castle in Ponyville in the future? (Just asking xD)


Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Oct 11, 14:58:54
Will be Twilight's castle in Ponyville in the future? (Just asking xD)

I honestly don't know if Hasbrow would stand for that.
Personally I'm fine with the map as it is, all I could ask for is maybe some rooms in Cantermore Castle. (...and maybe less derpy jumping animations.)


Yay, what an awesome achievement you guys! :D

Unfortunately I had to miss the August OSW due to classes starting, but I eagerly look forward to the next one! :nod:

Tiger Eye

I missed that August OSW so I can't wait for the next one! :3 <3


It's mostly true X3 But I'm not brave :l                        

Snickers Warrior

Cant wait! But when will it be released?  :3


Quote from: Snickers Warrior on 2015 Oct 15, 22:15:38
Cant wait! But when will it be released?  :3

Sorry but the game isn't ready yet! So we don't actually know for sure when it will be released.

It's coming for sure! But since we're just a group of volunteers, most of us still have to work or go to school or otherwise live lives outside of LoE :nod:

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Can't wait for the game to be done! Amazing game!  :P :)

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Congrats to your progress! I'm still excited about next OSW and I'm still holding you hooves...
Whatever it is, it's sure it's Spacesynth!


 Any idea when the next open server event will be?  :D

Princess Darcy

Quote from: OliverFlutie on 2015 Oct 25, 13:58:58
Any idea when the next open server event will be?  :D

When we have an idea as to a date we'll make an announcement here on the forums.  Please remember to keep an eye out for any announcements :D


I wonder if they can release it Next Saturday which is.. Of course, Halloween. If they can, that would be great!  ^-^ ^-^

Tiger Eye


I'm sure whenever it is, it will be awesome. I don't mind waiting longer if it means they can do more with the game.  ^-^



Quote from: Tiger Eye on 2015 Oct 28, 12:04:33
I want osw in november :/
in november? i want it naow  ono

whynot a little osw for the halloween week end? ovO

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