Hey everypony...i'm new...

Started by federico, 2015 Sep 28, 18:22:05

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ehilà, sono un nuovo iscritto, volevo solo presentarmi e avvertirvi che esisterò molto passivamente...un pò per impedimenti di lingua, un pò perchè sono piuttosto timido e preferisco "ascoltare" piuttosto che parlare, ma sappiate che sono estremamente contento di poter dire di fare parte di questa community!

Hey, i'm a new member, I just wanted to introduce myself and warn that i will exist very passively ... some impediments for language (i'm italian), some because i'm quite shy and i prefer to "listen" rather than talk, but be aware that i'm extremely happy to say to be part of this community!

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Greetings and welcome to the forums and to LoE. Please check out the rules explore and have fun. There's lots to see and do and all the time in equestria to see it, there's Arts, Videos, Stories, Singers RP'ers and more so join us, in the madness my friend  ^-^


Welcome to LoE! I hope to see you in-game sometime.  ^-^


Welcome to the forum my new friend! Remember to take a look at the Forum Rules to keep yourself up to date. Hope to see another active member of the forum around and I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends. But most of all, remember to HAVE FUUUN!! :D

Benvenuto, sentiti libero di chiedermi qualcosa se ti trovi in difficoltà, se ti serve qualche chiarimento sulle regole o qualsiasi altra cosa.
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Hello and welcome to the LoE Community! Enjoy your stay there!
There you can show yourself as a classy writer, creative artmaker, clever role-player or a cheerful and talkative fun-bringer like Pinkie Pie! And even more...
If you want to play LoE then wait patiently until the new test which will be held really soon!
Now you just can look at forums and do anything you wish! But don't forgot to read and obey the rules there!
Good luck, mate!
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