The Pony Parable (An interactive story.)

Started by Dj_FaUn, 2015 Sep 06, 14:16:41

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What should Dj do?

Go back on his computer.
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Play on his phone.
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Play the Play-Stallion 4.
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Hello, everyone. This is The Pony Parable. How this works can be read on this thread:

Without further ado, let's get this story rolling!


This is the story of an alicorn named Dj Faun. Dj lived in a small house where he, his sister, his mother, and many of his best friends lived happily and calmly. Dj even had a job, being a worker in a big supermarket where he happily made juice all day long. Dj had golden eyes as bright as the petals on a sunflowers. His mane was chestnut brown, a lighter brown streaking the side of his mane. his tail, short and styled similarly towards his mane, was just as decorated. Dj's coat was as blue as a a blueberry, which helped reveal the brightness of his eyes. Dj was a calm and collective stallion, always friendly and always wearing a smile over his face.

Dj loved to be on his computer. He would sit in his room, where the noises of chatting friends and family were out of his range, and enjoyed the privacy and company that his computer provided him. Every day, he would enter a website full of kind and caring characters that provided him the entertainment and help that he could very easily collect from the other side of his bedroom door. Dj would stay on his computer for hours on end, doing work that he needed done, as well as interact with the many other ponies that enjoyed chatting with him. And although this would be considered a waste of time and easily tiring to any other pony, Dj cherished every single minute of his time with not only online friends, but also the friends he lived with. And Dj was very happy.

However, on one particular day, something very strange happened to Dj. Something that would make him think differently about the world he lived in. Something that would linger in his memories for the rest of his life.

Dj was relaxing in his bedroom, logged into his favorite website, and sitting in a chat room while doing other things that needed finishing. Dj had been sitting and working for nearly two whole hours before he realized that not a single message was received the moment he entered the chat room. Not one single pony was online right now. He looked through the entire website, only to find that he, himself, was the only one looking into it. Curious, he attempted to try other websites that he often visits to keep busy in. To his disbelief, Dj found nobody in any of those websites either. Nobody was here to notice him. Or admire his thoughtful advice and information. Or even to just message him with a greeting.

Confused and uncertain, Dj felt like he had been frozen in place for the longest time. Never in his 20 years of life has he encountered this kind of loneliness. This isolation. Regaining his train of thought, Dj Faun slowly moved his way out of his seat and away from his desk and stretched out his legs. Dj decided it was time to try and find out what was going on.

Dj looked towards his slightly opened bedroom door, wondering if he would be able to find solutions on the other side.

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(Best answer : Stay in his room)

Dj looked at the bedroom door, gazing calmly towards the doorknob and thinking carefully about what he was thinking about doing right now. He was just about to go out and talk to his family about the entire internet magically becoming completely dead. Everypony on the internet just... vanished! Dj couldn't help but think he was going crazy at the very idea. He decided to do what may have been the better decision. He reached his hoof towards the door, pushing it close, and clicking it back shut.

Dj looked around himself. It was a rather nice and calm day. Not much noise was going on outside, which was rather common or him. The town was often quiet and peaceful most of the week. It was never too busy in his hometown, and he liked that very much. Dj resumed to look around his bedroom, examining his bed and the decorations that he had placed on his walls. Seeing nothing wrong with anything in his room, Dj wondered just what he should do in order to keep himself busy and see how he would be able to communicate with anyone online... if they were online.

The blue stallion took a glance over his side, looking towards the only three options in his bedroom that would offer him the company of the internet. His laptop, which laid on his desk and with a lit up screen. His phone, which had reached a fully charged battery. And then there was his Play-Stallion 4, which had plenty of internet access that he could use to keep himself busy and provide plenty of ponies to talk with for as long as he could.
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