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Started by Jcfraven, 2015 Sep 04, 23:19:19

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2015 Sep 04, 23:19:19 Last Edit: 2015 Sep 15, 23:00:27 by Jcfraven
Hello talented individuals of our fair community!

Due to some complications with the original artist, I've been in need of finding someone else to possibly draw my OC, who is a Batpony. I would put the information of her, but I'd prefer to message privately the details to one who'd be willing to draw her, if there's anyone who might want to do so.

I don't have a base, simply a description, so if that's an issue, I apologize.

Thank you in advance, if you choose to want to do so! I would love to see any past work of yours, so I can see your style and such, so just put that with whatever message you type.

*Either reply here or message me if interested, either way is fine.

Have a good weekend!

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