What is Love?

Started by Azazial M. Rodriquez, 2015 Aug 28, 16:08:51

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Azazial M. Rodriquez

2015 Aug 28, 16:08:51 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 28, 16:10:56 by Azazial M. Rodriquez
The way we view things are our points of view tell me this what's normal? Normality is just an opinion. being a brony is normal to me. why is it so scary to understand to some people? my point is yes I'm insane because I have a psychotic view of society. Is that so wrong? What's wrong with the voices in your head? what are they telling you? are they evil? the answer is no the voices helped me through a break up. So in the eyes of insanity what the point of being normal if normality is an opinion based on statistics and opinions. whose wrong and whose right? the questions I ask are indeed scary but what if we can change them into sensible questions. Why search for a partner if they aren't what you expected? Why be with someone whose heart is broke or is broken? the answer is so we can have the sense of self-security and feel loved and a self sense that it's ok to live again....

ladies and gentlemen these words and questions I have are hard to ask.

Sincerely, another broken heart and mind
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