Light Trainer's Equestrian Adventure

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Hey everypony!

I decided to make sort of a journal-like fanfic of a lot of my experiences from the Legends of Equestria game as a kitsune who found herself a unicorn in Equestria as we all wait for the next test or open server weekend or whatever the mods have planned!

Unlike my normal posts which are in teal, my story posts will be the default colour of the forums just to keep things neat and separate to avoid any confusions.

The only thing I own, other than the story, is my character. MLP is © Hasbro and DHX while LOE is © the team of bronies making the game! Love you guys!

Let's get started, shall we?


Prologue-Odd Beginnings

O.K first of all let's get this clear: I'M NOT A UNICORN!

I somehow messed up on a travelling spell again for the first time in 6 months and I found myself with a unicorn body. My aqua fur is the same but my mane and tail are bright magenta with yellow and purple streaks! On top of all that I found a mark on, of all places, my butt that looks like stars or something!

Thankfully I wasn't without someone to help. A green unicorn mare named Thyme helped me out in explaining what I have is a cutie mark and all ponies get one once they figured out their special talents or abilities or calling in life. She was nice enough to give me this journal and taught me how to use a levitation spell to write since right now I lack fingers. (Though she has a hard time believing I'm not a pony...Oh well...)

She also works at some sort of magic academy in a city called Cantermore and the teachers there helped me out with the basics.

Now it's time to explore around and help those in need before I go crazy in figuring out how to get back to Kitsuno Village!


So what do you guys think? I know it's short but hey it's a start! :P

(NOTE: The crazy forums keep modifying my two chapters to be one so this is to separate them both! >:O)

Well it seems like a few of you have read it so far! Don't be afraid to reply on it though! I love to hear input! 0:)

Also do note that I added stuff in that wasn't part of the dialogue for the NPCs so if anyone's confused, there you go.

Now let's get started on our first few quests!


Chapter 1-Mystery of the Cookie Thief!

Welp...I'm back again. This morning I was running around Cantermore finding out what makes Unicorns special for the headmistress of the school I'm temporarily staying at. Well everyone seemed to have mixed views on the subject, some saying stuff about magic and the horns while others said that they weren't special at all. Thankfully no racist comments.

The headmistress didn't seem mad at all, knowing all along that all ponies had different opinions of one another and soon let me off to explore.

All the while I can't help but notice not one pony in Cantermore seem to see anything different about me. I guess I look so much like one of them it's hard for them to figure out that I'm really a Kitsune stuck in a unicorn's body.

Of course that doesn't stop me from helping others as I noticed an earth pony, ponies that lack horns and wings, looking exhausted. Turned out his name is Hullabaloo and he was working on planning a large gala but needed help so I offered. Feeling grateful he told me to get an order from Flan at the local cafe. Flan was a very friendly earth pony and when I explained about Hullabaloo's order, she had it all ready for the pickup. She was even nice enough to give me a muffin for free to munch on for helping out. I like her a lot!

Sadly the joy was cut short because when I got back to Hullabaloo, he pointed out the cookie jar in the order was empty! Looking upset, I assured him I would get to the bottom of it so I ran back to Flan.

She was also confused because she left a sign that said "Oatmeal cookies, do not steal" in front of the jar so nobody would eat them. I asked her if anyone else came by and she said a few friends did: Scribble, Cirrus, and some pony who I swear has a strange German name I can't remember for the life of me! Either way off I go to find out what happened to the cookies.

First I found Scribble, an author unicorn, hanging out with another unicorn named Silver-Hoof on a street corner. Sadly he didn't know who took the cookies. He did tell me that Cirrus was all the way up in a place called Cloudopolis and there was an airship that would take me there. He also blamed Cirrus for taking the cookies since he was there after Scribble. Sheesh...nice friend you got there Flan.

Along the way I found that pony with the German name. Well the German pony said he wasn't at the cafe at fact the poor pony hadn't eaten all day but he did indirectly correct Flan saying that another pony name Wayward who was at Ponydale was at the cafe instead. I still had the muffin so I gave it to him as a thank you and to make sure he had something to eat.

I hopped onto the ship to Cloudopolis and by Kitsuno it was amazing! I was walking on CLOUDS! FREAKIN' CLOUDS!

O.K L.T focus...alright so I found Cirrus, who was a pegasus, talking with this mare named Fire Opal, who also was a pegasus, and if anyone asked me, this guy's ego needed to be knocked down a few pegs. Anywhoo I asked him about the cookies and he said he had no clue but immediately blamed Scribble for taking them...without proof. What is with these STALLIONS?! Thankfully Opal was on my side for this and also mentioned the guy was lactose intolerant!

I soon decided to make my way to Ponydale and Opal told me there were two ways: the longer trek through the Heartlands, or to take the train from Cantermore. I decided on the train since I wasn't used to this place yet and I heard from a unicorn guard about monsters or something in the Heartlands so I wasn't taking chances.

Ponydale was small compared to Cloudopolis and Cantermore but finding Wayward wasn't hard. He was an Earth Pony of few words and a pony named Wanda said he was raised by Timberwolves! I asked him about the cookies and he was the one who ate them, not Cirrus or Scribble! He also said that the sign said they were odd.

I thanked him politely but he looked at me closely and said, "You're not a unicorn."

I blinked in surprise. "How'd you know?"

"Your eyes...they have fox-like look...I like them," he said with a calm smile, helping me relax. I guess being raised by Timberwolves gave him the ability to connect with other creatures outside of ponies.

I like Wayward a lot!

I said goodbye and hopped on the train back to Cantermore. Once I arrived, I told Flan about the sign and she went to check...finding out someone DID change it! The...hoof-writing as she put it, was different from hers so I offered to get a writing sample from Cirrus and Scribble to find out who did it. I left out Wayward because he was the one honest enough to tell me about it.

Of course I can't just accuse them so I had to be a fox!  ;)

I decided to ask Scribble for any short stories for me to enjoy since he was an author and he gladly handed one over. Silver-Hoof was suspicious so when Scribble left to use the little writer's room I explained to him about the sign and he understood, agreeing to keep it quiet from Scribbler.

I was on my way to the airship when Hullabaloo called me over. He was concerned about the cookies so I explained about someone switching the sign and tricking Wayward into eating them. I told him once I found the culprit of that prank I will make them pay him back for it. He understood and I went back on my way.

And when I was in Cloudopolis, I swear Fire Opal was one sneaky Pony! I was having a hard time getting a writing sample and Fire Opal offered a napkin she had from a cookie she ate earlier for Cirrus to write on! He immediately blamed her for the crime but she said that she had a snickerdoodle from the local bakery, NOT one of Flan's oatmeal cookies. (I was on her side because the crumbs on the said napkin were covered with a cinnamon-sugar mix that I would know because I love baking snickerdoodles!)

So as revenge for the accusation, SHE HANDED ME HIS PRIVATE JOURNAL! HA!  lol

I took off back to Cantermore, laughing all the way from the stunt! Boy Cirrus would look so mad if I looked back!

I soon got back to Flan's and she went to work comparing the writing samples. Turned out Scribble wasn't the culprit but his short story about the Pegasus and the Dragon was a nice read. She was embarrassed for looking in Cirrus' journal, however, but we soon figured out that he was the culprit the whole time!

Running back at break-neck speeds, I soon confronted him about it. Turned out he did it just as a prank and I told him it was wrong because the cookies were for Hullabaloo, who was very upset on the whole thing. He soon went on about his pride and desires to stop thieves until I put my foot-er hoof down and said for him to pay back the poor party pony.

I also went on saying that changing the sign for his own enjoyment was wrong and hurtful and that he should also apologize to Flan and Hullabaloo for changing the sign in the first place, Scribble and Fire Opal for wrongly accusing them, and Wayward for tricking him into eating the cookies. I must have looked really scary because he was cringing at my stern voice.

He soon did just that and not only was the crime solved but Hullabaloo gave me a cool set of headphones to wear for all the trouble! Nice!

Gets me excited for the next Equestrian Adventure!


Well there's the first official chapter! What do you guys think?
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Wow I'm seeing a few of you like this story from the views! How about another chapter?


Chapter 2-Don't mess with the Veggies Astral!

I decided to go explore Ponydale a little more when I noticed another Unicorn not far from the station before I hopped onto the train, a female named Astral. She was a bit upset because she secretly used a carrot field owned by a pony named Spud for some growth experiments because he usually gets upset at her for doing so and made some enormous carrots grow. But she didn't foresee some unwanted possible side effects...which I forgot what it was due to her advanced science speech but apparently it would be a health issue if not checked.

Sheesh and the humans were worried about growth hormones added to their cows before becoming beef. Not much of a difference.

I assured her that I will let Spud know about the carrots and not to sell them before going on my way.

I soon went to Sweet Apple, the local farm and found Spud...which is his shortened nickname. Anyway at first he was impressed about the carrots he was "growing" but I told him about Astral's experiments and he wasn't happy.

He also gave a sample to Flan already so quick as my now-unicorn legs could take me I scampered back to Cantermore and Flan's cafe.

I found the pony and told her about Astral's experiments on the carrots and she told me that Wanda took a sample already! Oh mercy! I remember Wanda from when I was looking for Wayward in Ponydale so I went back to that town and told her about the carrots.

Only to find out she ate it already. I facepal-er-hoofed at that. I told her to get herself checked into the local hospital but apparently her client and friend was more important so she asked me to check with Nurse Mercury when is the earliest time she could go in. Wasting no time I found the sadly tired nurse.

And she was just getting off her shift but thankfully she said Wanda could stop by first thing tomorrow morning. I told Wanda and she seemed relieved so I went back to Astral and told her the whole disaster was averted. I also scolded her for messing with the veggies in the first place but she ignored me.

She gave me some bits for the trouble but I hope she doesn't bring more trouble again.

P.S. Good news! Wanda was checked in and checked out with a clean bill of health! Yay!  :D


I know this one was a bit shorter but it was a quick quest! I hope you enjoyed it!
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Sheesh it's been awhile since the last time I updated huh?

Well to tell you all the truth...I forgot about it. X3

But don't worry! I'm planning on redoing the whole thing once the game comes out for another OSW next weekend as well as its full release in December! :3

And when those days happen you'll get my adventures again as well as some new ones! 0:)

Until then everypony!
I'm Light Trainer the Spellcaster Kitsune!

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