A Love Story

Started by Gypsy, 2015 Aug 18, 13:08:29

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2015 Aug 18, 13:08:29 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 18, 13:22:10 by Gypsy
So this was done by my boyfriend, and he made it for me, felt like I should share this with others. ^-^ Please move if I've posted in the wrong place.

In the mist of the night, there rode a lone knight, a horse, purebred and white, his aura glowing bright. As he rides, his time he bides, till the final battle, from which he hides. Full of fear, facts faced that fully functioning, futility favoured the knight over victory. Trebling like a fool, he approaches the final pool, where upon the bank a maiden lies, a bank which the loser dies. Battles fought last day and night, to defend the notions of wrong and right, the blades are drawn but not of steel, but blades made to hurt that which they feel. The undying love, undying vows, of integrity and honesty between one mare and her stal.

All credit goes to him, might want to be 13+ maybe? No gore or sexual content intended!

The last part means stallion, if anyone's wondering. I hope you all enjoyed. x3 Feel free to post feedback, it would really help!


I want a second part now....

We all are lost Stars, But i seem to have Found you in the Galaxy

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