How to make my own signature??

Started by Noob Bot 2.0, 2015 Aug 17, 23:51:50

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Noob Bot 2.0

Hello, I'm relatively new to forums.... I've always wondered how to have pictures and GIFs below all my posts....  :I Anyone keen to teach me how??  ono


how to add a signature:
once you are logged in you will see all the social media buttons under them put your mouse over the "Profile" tab
when the menu appears click "Forum Profile"
part way down you will see the "Signature" and a big white text box
there you can enter text or if you want an image, copy paste an image url (internet link, not the file from your computer)
if the pic you want is on your pc you will have to upload it on the internet (photobucket, imgur, dropbox, dA, etc...
once you have the link that is a direct link copy it in your singature area and insert the image tags() around it

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