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Started by Hawk McAdam, 2015 Aug 17, 00:26:14

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Hawk McAdam

So, I just had a blast playing the game (yet again), particularly with all the witty things you lovely people throw down with such ease. :)

However, even during the more low-key times of the OSWs, let alone the mad frothing of the mouthing and unnecessary spamming (yikes, ponies), I wondered if the text in the chat box might be altered to help one better differentiate one player's message from the other.  Say, for instance, instead of every single word being all white, making your eyes swim from the fast pace flood of input, how about we color in the names of the tell submitters to be that of the same color their pony's main body own?

You may wonder if the person's entire message should be colored the same way, but I think just the name of the player being colored would be sufficient, and it wouldn't run the risk of appearing like a admin/moderator's message, should a player happen to match the distinct pinkish color they use.

It might help. Or it might not.

Also, I understand how exciting it is to get your thoughts out there, as quickly as they might come, but something that might help ease up on the spamming is if there's a short five or ten second limit to when you have to wait in order to speak again, similar to chatting in World of Warcraft.

Anyway, that's just some food for thought. I very much appreciate you guys and all that you do and bring to my life, both staff and community pones, and I hope you have a good day.


hopefully when the rest of the chats get finished (like the party and herd chats) you will be able to be more selective with who is in the conversation and therefore there will be less overall messages that do not apply to you

believe me most mods understand that chat can be hard to read at times

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Princess Darcy

We've bounced some ideas off the developers in terms of chatbox improvements but right now we are more focused on the chatbox's functionality over it's aesthetics.  As sleuth said once the other chats are implemented and whisper is less buggy the chat should be more manageable.

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