3D stuff (Ponies planned)

Started by Cryptic-Dash, 2015 Aug 16, 18:12:31

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2015 Aug 16, 18:12:31 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 17, 13:07:43 by Cryptic-Dash
I hopefully will be adding to this as time goes on but for now I don't have much (also trying to get my poly count down cause it's just ridonculous at the moment on some pieces)
This is all done in 3DS Max, i'm currently self teching myself Maya  :I

Let me know what you think, or how I could improve, thanks  ^-^

So my first ever attempt at any kind of organic modeling
Spoiler: show

Starlord mask attempt

Spot of architectural modeling
Spoiler: show
Clay render of an attempt of some kind of Haloish style factory

And renders

At least all of this didn't take too long to make, maybe a 3 or 4 days for each item.  X3


 :] A vinyl scratch fan, nice to see. I adore these, and I was surprised they didn't take too long, they're really good. It's also cool to see how they grew and developed good work, hope to see more from you.

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