August Open Server Weekend Feedback Thread!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Aug 16, 14:08:37

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Hey there, everypony! Hope you're enjoying/enjoyed the world of Equestria this weekend!

We're coming towards the end of the open server event now, but there's still time to get in and make friends before we have to take everything offline again. Obviously, though, Legends of Equestria is still a project that's in development; and we've got a ways to go yet before it's completely done. These open server events are super useful to us; not only do they give us a chance to show off what we've been working on and give you time to see and enjoy everything we've spent so much time and effort making for you, we also get to stress test all our systems in the background, to see what falls apart and needs to be duct taped back together.

The most important thing, however, is the feedback we get from you. That tells us how you feel about the new additions to the game, and the game in general - what you think is good, what could be better, what else you'd like to see. Even if you don't have a suggestion but just want to tell us what you think, it's always fantastic to hear from you guys.

So, that's what this thread is for! If you've got anything you want to show or tell us, this is the place to do it. Any suggestions about improvements or additions, any screenshots or videos you want us to see, or just a general message for the team - pop them here, and we'll go over all of it; and with your help, we can make Legends of Equestria the best game we possibly can!

Looking forward to seeing what you all have to say - and thanks once again for another great weekend!


I reckon it could do with having fewer horses in it, myself.
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There's something I want to know. I can somewhat use my 360 gamepad and set up some buttons on it, but I can't set up the dual-sticks on it for moving around in this game  :o. Is there by any chance in a future update, you could add that functionality? I really love this game, but I have a hard time just using the keyboard layout. Whatever happens, I really love this game and hope it gets even better when it can!  :D

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my biggest thing is the quests in the book - they aren't showing up on the page at all, so i'm getting lost at a few points. i found two of the things for the nurse in Ponydale for example, but i can't remember where the third place is that i'm supposed to ask for supplies.

the only other major thing i could say is, i feel like the areas could use more distinguishable landmarks, or something to make certain points stand out more. now, i fully understand that would probably be a pain to come up with, but you asked for feedback :P for example, navigating the Crystal Kingdom was pretty difficult. it looks good and you guys are doing a great job on this game! but a lot of the streets there just tend to blend together. i've had a lot of problems with this when trying to find certain locations or NPCs in the game during quests. the giant statue in the Heartlands, where the portal to Cloudopolis is, is a perfect example of something that makes something stand out more. i've been having some trouble finding the portal to Ponydale in there, but i know exactly where the portal to Cloudopolis is.

now, i'm also having some trouble mining. there's a quest where a pony asks you to get some gems for her, but i can't figure out how to do that. (i might have just missed something, though), the lighting in certain areas looks a little weird on my OC since he's dark red. i'm not sure if there's actually anything to do about that, though. it's not a big problem. the sky in Evershade tended to glitch up a bit, that's not a big deal, either, but it's probably worth mentioning.

this is my first open server weekend and other than the two major things i mentioned, i'm having a lot of fun with this! definitely looking forward to the next one and great job on this so far! i can barely figure out Stencyl right now, i can't imagine what all went into this.
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Sometimes I can Run through buildings, and sometimes I fall through the ground when I leave the roads. A restart always fixes this. :I

Combat Seems a skosh clunky. (maybe a lot of skoshes...) :s
Loading is a lot faster and more likely to actually work this time around. getting in is no longer the hardest part. :D

I notice that all of the Sock designs I have seen are in black and white. any chance of those colors being customizable in the future? 0:)

Signs at night are almost impossible to read. some illumination would be nice.


Amazing as always. A working questbook/quest helper would definitely help out lots.

Wish you guys left the public server online so that we could continue to play, always a sad day when the weekend ends  ono

Anyways super hyped about the next OSW. Just don't stop doing what your doing  ^-^


I don't know if it's lag or what but when I was doing quests and would click to go to the next page or give an answer it wouldn't react until i clicked it over and over. Then sometimes it would fast forward for as many times as I've clicked like it was affected by lag. Made finishing quests take that much longer.

Sometimes zoning would make the whole thing crash but that isn't so terrible.

Some NPCs (Cirrus Stratos & Fire Opal in Cloudpolis ) wouldn't load until i restarted the game.

Making mega jumps by tapping the space bar once was fun.

The quest book wasn't working? Sharing quests should also be an option.

Looooove the new locations. It's fun discovering things yourself instead of being told where to go. But when the full game goes live it might be handy to give coordinates for places/NPCs.

The guards patrolling was cool.

All in all I'm still at the edge of my seat waiting for full release. Keep up the awesome work!!!
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You did pretty amazing job out there since the last OSW.
I actually could do something instead of just flying around.
The quest book was a real mess but I somehow managed to complete several quests.
Really looking forward to being able to create a bat pony.  :luna:
Thanks for the great job and praise the sun!  :celestia:


I love it, the Iron armor helmet needs fixed, the enemy AI Needs to be smarter because the best fix you have for that is making them float which deems them invincible. Shadows are so labor intensive on some systems, you need to make an actual sward item, and maybe a shield, you also need to have more cutie marks, specifically a Phoenix one.
I would love for there to be an option to have griffons, dragons, hippogrifs, bat pony, and alicorns, to be character options you can create, and glasses should be an accessory option in the Oc creator.
Also some players might like the ability to change the size of their wings, or horn more noticeably, and more mane style.
Hopefully a griffon stone map is a plain in the future development as well, also lots of pony's wanted more actions and animations,  like a smile, or a frown.
Id love for a there to be a meter to tell me how close I am in exp to the next level, Please animate the rotation of head among X and Y axis, its funny to see a pony spin without moving a singe part of its body, better yet animate the head and legs to move in that manner.
Other than this I love the game, because its playing ponys mlg style.

Thank you!
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Only three real problems for me.

1: As is continues to be the case every time that I try and play this game, the controls, weather its the default controls ones that I keymap (on that note, it still won't let me do that on some) some of them never seem to work. Strafing for instance. Game does not acknowledge those keys for me. In addition, you guys have some keys (x) permanently hotkeyed to pull bring me to your website... not something that I want x to do. Ever. I have my own plans for x. Also, it would be really nice if head look was tied in to right click on the mouse. Seems to be the standard for most MMO's that I play that the right mouse key held down lets me look around, not the case here.

2: Interface. I know this is still a work in progress. But half the time the interface doesn't really work for me... at all. Be it chat windows for NPC's (the buttons to try and click next are apparently only 2x2 pixels big) or any of my quest logs (which never showed up) or my spell bar (I only ever was able to make flowers grow, lay down or dance). The interface coupled with the controls not really working for me make it difficult for me to do much of anything in the game other then run town. Which gets... boring after a while. But like I said, I Know this game is still in development so I'm not getting mad about any of the above.

3: The games not super intuitive. Its really hard to tell where or what you're supposed to be doing. I never did make it out of whatever starting town I was in. Even following the signs didn't really seem to lead my anywhere. Not that I was able to quest either. On the hand full of occasions where I did stumble upon a quest giver, they would go tell me to talk to... somepony... but didn't tell me where they were, how to find them... nothing was ever uploaded into my quest log or marked on my map. So basically I had to wander around and maybe I would remember the name of the person who I was supposed to talk to. Which happened... maybe once.

I still love the idea behind this game and I hope to see it in a completed, permanent release sometime in the near future. But for now, its seriously struggling to fufill some basic game functions for me. Every time you've had an open server weekend that I've tried to play, its only been for a couple hours, with most of my time spent attempting to get the controls/interface to work for me enough that I'd be able to do something, only to find that there's not really anything for me to do or at least there's nothing telling me where to go so I can do something, leaving me to wander around the town talking to random NPC's until I get board of that and log out for the weekend. Hope my feedback helps and send me a message if you need further input/feedback/rebuttal/whatever.


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This was the first time I have got to try LoE and I am definitely liking how it is shaping up.

There was one or two things I have to comment on though.

While I did get used to flight (kept crashing a lot  :P ), I was not able to get used to the screen tilting so much while turning or rolling for quite a while. A way to stabilize the camera or reduce the amount of tilt while turning and rolling would be nice in the future for those who need it.

It could have just been an error on my PC, but I did notice the minimap bugged while in the Evershade Forest on the outer and inner sections (the arrow would not stop spinning and the minimap itself shown Ponydale instead). It did make navigating the place very hard.

As for suggestions, I would like to see more options when customizing your character, but that one looks like it will be happening anyway (did notice that I could get Lyra's mane even when it wasn't listed). I would like to also have a way of accessing that radio you had set up in SCC as that was cool and it would be nice to use when exploring.

Other than that, I loved my time playing what you all have made and I hope you all continue to make it even better ! :3


Overall a great open server weekend. On my part, there was a little lagging. (hopefully that was only my internet connection.)

The few major stuff that i would like to point out it the quest list/helper. (which i have seen been mentioned.)
Would love to have that up and running.

Quest dialog is a bit's ether to fast (skips a few chat boxes for no reason) or to slow, (have to click several times to get going.)
And the ponies that has a quest or an ongoing quest have a different color sign? Would be easier to identify the NPCs and what quest is going on and still undone. And possibly make a few of them easier to find? Had to run around a couple of times in Cantermore just for one pony.
Would also like that the map could show where the quest ponies are (easier to find opinion). So you don't run/fly around like a headless chicken.

The portals was a bit "on/off" on my part, don't know if anyone else did experience that. I had to restart and make a new character 3 times before i would get going to ponyvale. Which was really annoying, and knowing that you have to get to that area because of a quest. :I

And i have nothing more to report on my part. Great to play again..i really have been missing to play it. <3


Thaks for the grate job :D

I've found some problems with the quest: there was hard to find (a lot of NPC ponies have a quest but no ! on it)
But I think you need to do some "tutorial" or starter quest for noobs. 
It's a wonderful open-world game, so, it's not easy for a newby to know what to do for start this new adventure...

I can't find them in the quest log. Maybe it was a bug!

I really appreciate if you will improve some type of signal in the map: shops, quests, obiectives....

See you, space ponies  ;)


1. Battle system needs to be adjusted BADLY, or at least, it needs to be made more clear how to fight. In my experiences, I just turned the attack icon green and clicked everywhere, not known what to do exactly. Also, more sound effects would add a TON to the system. Sometimes I seem to get hurt without even realizing it, as only my health goes down. There should be something to signify a hit more, like a punching sound and then maybe some text will fly up in the world around the hurt entity saying -30 HP or something.

2. Chatting is a pain in the neck for me, as I have to force myself to pay attention to see if the ponies I'm talking to are saying anything or not. Perhaps you can instead surround their text in bubbles around their head that makes a noise, that way I know exactly when they send a message so I know to stop looking around the environment and instead look at them.

3. I bought the 100 bit set of socks from a pony in Ponydale and when I put them on in my inventory, they don't show up on my 3D character. This seems to be a bug more than anything.


I-i had to go now... :c
see ya in THREE DD: Months  D:
It will be november Right?
anyway i realy enjoyed the weekend  :( :'( ( WHY ONLY  WEEKEND T^T)
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the points that annoyed me the most were:

-the lab coat still not scale with your size, making it render horribly on bigger ponies
-the goggles and glasses use the hat inventory slot instead of the mask inventory slot, making it impossible to wear glasses/goggles with hats
-the female armor bend with movements, it make it seem like it's made out of cloth and not from metal
-the buttglow, lighting on the butts make for some really odd results
-the quests that broke each others, if you need someone to check the quests lines and conditions of activation to avoid that, i volunteer

also, i miss the inventory glitch that allow you to climb on other ponies, but i guess i can't really complain about a bugfix now, can i?

on the less annoying side:
-if the money drop from mobs could be distribued evenly like the exp between people instead of going in the chest drop, that would be better
-if the emotes could be on their own bar instead of with the battle actions, would be nice
-if, when the pets functions will all work properly, you could add an emote to make them spin like now when you use a non working /pet command like /pet assist, i would appreciate


I think the #1 request I have is for a "nudge" command to get unstuck from furniture, etc.  It can be quite frustrating to get too close to a wardrobe, mixing bowl machine, etc., and get permanently stuck.  Sometimes re-logging and changing one's size will force oneself out of the object.


Took a look at the disassembled code via Winmerge and saw little to no change. What do you guys even do for 4 months?
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My only feedback is that there needs to be a a big world map, I get lost all the time without one  :I


Nevertheless, I really like these changes everyone wants.
In Equestria, there is real happiness. It hides in the brightest light, and in the most ordinary of places. Between the world we see, and the ponies we love, there are doors. When they are opened, friendship... becomes reality.
-- Anthony Call

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