Might be worthwhile to upgrade to more modern forum software

Started by SCS, 2015 Aug 16, 06:01:47

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Don't get me wrong, I love SMF. I'm quite fond of this software having used forums powered by it 7-8 years ago. It's nice, and it's functional, but these days there are far better alternatives.

Two examples I'd recommend considering are IP.Board and XenForo. IP.Board is the most aesthetically pleasing forum software I've encountered ever, but it's loaded with bugs and problems. Whether or not that will be easier to deal with in their upcoming version 4.0 remains to be seen. Their purchase plans are all quite expensive too, which is a definite drawback.

I don't have as much experience with XenForo, but it is visually appealing and very functional. I like it better than SMF, but it's not as intuitive as IP.Board's design, in my opinion. That being said, the software seems to be less buggy and it is highly customizable.


Thank you for your input (truly - not trying to be curt.)
It is a definite topic of discussion amongst our web developers and it is something they're constantly balancing over the work required to migrate all of our existing tools to another forum system on top of the fact that the new forum system would likely not be compatible with SMF's database structure, so all posts would be lost and all sticky posts would need to be remade. While I agree, personally, that there may be better alternatives, we can only make a change if it makes sense and is necessary. For now SMF seems to work quite well for our purposes.

I am now closing this thread since no further discussion is required, nor have there been any other replies in the last 120 days.

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