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Started by Rainbow Pism, 2015 Aug 14, 19:15:34

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Rainbow Pism

I spelled my user name I wanted to go by wrong a huge embarrassing mistake is there anything I can do to change it even if I would have to delete my profile I don't mind but I don't know how plz help this is embarrassing  DD:    but at the same time keeping my same E-mail

Chishio Kunrin

We disabled deleting accounts. You'll just have to make a new one. If you really want to use the same email, I suppose you could make a new email and change the email on this current account to that new email.

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Sweet Brew

Well seeing as the admins have changed names for themselves and a couple others I see no reason for them to not help you out, just PM them, They're friendly, no worries.

Though I would wait 'till after the OSW seeing as they're going to be busy.

Princess Darcy

As Chishio said if you want a new name you'll have to make a new account.  We disabled changing usernames for users for a reason so please do not bother the admins for a name change.


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