Can't Connect To Server

Started by Sunny-Day, 2015 Aug 14, 17:33:03

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After I log in, the Server Listings shows everything as done, except for recipes.

Recipes... Error!

I've missed every open server time for about a year and a half, but I finally get time to do it, but I get an error. :c Please help.


Couldn't log in: couldn't connect to host. What I do? I want play! :( :'(



2015 Aug 15, 17:52:12 #2 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 15, 17:58:36 by Genisay
Also getting log in error and can't log into game.  Something about not being able to connect to the server, and an unresolved issue.

This is the actual message:
Can't log in: Could not resolve
Unrecoverable error in call to nameserver

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