LoE vs. Norton: Possible Solutions

Started by O. Vannen, 2015 Aug 14, 16:58:53

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O. Vannen

First off, Norton is a finicky service. When downloads went up, I had no problems downloading the Windows Launcher and extracting all the updates. This morning, Norton decides to do a "security scan" and quarantines several files.

While the option to "restore" is available, it's pretty much impossible to return the files to their original locations undamaged or intact.

Instead, you will need to set Norton to not read the folder you've designated to save your download to or set Norton not to read anything, prior to downloading the game.

The Immediate Remedy: "Silent Mode"
Prior to download, click on the little Norton icon among your volume, wi-fi, battery, and other icons in the lower right corner of your desktop-
This will take you to a sort of home area for Norton, click "Settings" near the upper right corner of the window-
On the right side should be a list of "Quick Controls," with "Silent Mode" topping the list-
[Recommendation] Set the timer to the longest just to give you plenty of time to download the necessary files and run the game.

(Possible) Long-Term Remedy: "Items to Exclude"
Prior to download, create a dedicated folder to save your download to, remember where this folder is located-
Again, click the little Norton icon and head to "Settings"-
On the left should be a group of icons labled "Detailed Settings," click "Antivirus," which should be the first-
You will find three tabs, click the middle tab labeled "Scans and Risks"-
Scroll all the way down to "Exclusions/Low Risks"-
"Items to Exclude from Scans" and "Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection" should be in the list under "Exclusions/Low Risks"-
For "Exclude from Scans," click "Configure [ + ]," "Add Folders," and choose the folder you designated for your download . . . you did that, right?- :/
Do the same for "Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR . . ."-
Your folder should now be "safe" from Norton's scans now.

Both Remedies should work with any of the Windows downloads, including the Windows Launcher. (I don't use a Mac)

The last OSW, I think I only used "Silent Mode," but this time around, Norton seems to be a bit more aggressive. I eventually just designated a folder to keep Norton from scanning LoE's files.

I apologize for, pretty much, shoving this information down your throats. Hopefully you just didn't have any problems with Norton, but if you did, let me know if it worked or not or if the instructions were unclear.

Please do post your thoughts, though, I'll make sure to post this (and any new information) before the next OSW. (Mac users, take note)
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Silver Spark

2015 Aug 16, 04:01:49 #1 Last Edit: 2015 Aug 16, 04:05:07 by Silver Spark

Thank you for this.

Norton has been a rude program to me ever since I downloaded the game.

And I found this as the servers are about to close.

ah well, I shall remember this for next time.

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