Writers, how do you stay motivated?

Started by DarkSpectre, 2015 Aug 08, 18:59:28

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I like writing stories. I really do, but I have this bad habit of not ever getting around to actually writing. As a result, the few stories I posted on a site 9 or so years ago are STILL unfinished, though I sometimes update them once a year...  :facehoof:

My question to any other writers out there, how do you get yourselves on a good writing schedule? I have tons of ideas just floating around up there, and can get them down into coherent stories and whatnot when I apply myself, but just end up slowing to a stop after a short time. (It's gotten bad enough that I don't get but a few paragraphs down before doing other stuff.) I don't have writer's block, I just can't be bothered to sit down and write them, no matter how much I'm interested in doing so.

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I recommend that you do NOT make a schedule to follow. The reason for this is because if you put yourself on a schedule, it will eventually become a tedious routine that you're forcing yourself to do. Just write when inspiration or motivation hits you and put it down immediately because that burst of energy will die off fast. This is the time to force yourself to spill your mind onto paper, even if it's just a paragraph. If you make a schedule, writing will start feeling like a job you just want to finish and get out of the way, which will demotivate yourself and possibly lower the quality of your work.

Work Music
Something I always do when writing is to set the mood right. Put on some music that is appropriate for the story you are crafting. Making a fantasy story? Turn on some Celtic. Mystery? Put on something suspenseful. By putting music in the background, it helps with the work flow and it makes your hands just go do the work itself.

Motivation From Others
The feeling of others experiencing your work is quite satisfying. Try to imagine the reaction from readers such as the shock, tears, laughs, etc that you will give them. Then if you attract some who want to follow your works, keep them in mind when you look at a WIP.

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I'm writing a HUGE story that I've mentioned a few times. I get motivated a lot by music, and I completely agree with Saiko: I found a theme for nearly every event and character in my story, and if I find a new theme, I think about where it would fit in.
I also have someone (an old English teacher of mine) who wants to read it (or at least one chapter of it), so I want to finish it before I lose contact with them.
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