Hi there everypony! I do free art requests! (Closed) 3 already? Wow!

Started by Shyflame, 2015 Aug 07, 13:16:40

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Hi there! As you have already read, I do art requests for free! But, there is a teeny tiny catch.

Due to this being the Legends of Equestria forums, I will only be taking on the following;

Ponies of any breed, (Unicorn, Alicorn, Pegasus or Earth pony)
Draconeques's even though I can't promise them to be done well.
Sirens (In 'pony' form)
And basically anything you can find solely in the ponies realm, though if you have a show style character but not one listed above, say, reindeer, deer, etc, let me know.

Now for the Rules!
1. Please please please do not say you drew this piece, if people start doing this than I will have to begin asking for payment, which, with the amount of younger kids on these forums, I really don't want to do that. Okay?  ;)

2. Use it somewhere! Don't just let it turn to dust, let everyone see it and celebrate your pony! :D

3. Please give me a drawn reference, for my sake because I suck at drawing from description.  >A<

4. Be Polite!! I can not stress this enough! If you are rude, I will not do any work on your request, I will kick it to the curb.  :l

5. SEND ME THE REQUEST VIA MESSAGES!! Please! Because I can't guarantee I will see it if you commented it below, I will however see everything sent through my messages.  :I

And that's it for rules!  :3   Now to, other matters. Fill out the form I am placing below in order to get your character drawn!

I want a Request!!!!~
Alright, how would ya like it?
Username for the forum:
Reference Picture:
Character Name:
Position/How they are standing:
Facial expression:
Background: Yes/No
Shading: Yes/No
More than one character? If so please place in Reference pictures and their postions and facial expressions below,
Do you want this to be a character lay out sheet? Yes/No
If so what do you want included in it? List below.

Now I guess I should show you my art huh? Well, just click the spoiler below to open the vast amounts! V
Spoiler: show
(Very old design of Shy Flame)
Hi, I'm Shyflame, an artist willing to draw for free for those of you here! Yay! Just drop me a message whenever you want a picture, but keep in mind I can end up quite busy!

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