Traditional games?

Started by DMSwift, 2015 Aug 04, 06:18:37

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This is more a quick question than anything - This is the 'video gaming' forum, but would content relating to 'traditional' games (Board games, tabletop games, pen & paper RPGs, etc) be valid here too, what with there not being a specific subforum for them?


I would say you could keep this forum post to talk about traditional games until the web developers have made a subsection for traditional games.


Or, since that's kind of a less common subject, would it make more sense just to change this section to be titled "Games"?


We have Video Games because that is what most of the people will talk about and post about
if you would want to bring up board games you could probably do it in off topic (or maybe make a board game thread)
if we found out that a majority of our members talked about board games and such then we would think about making a board game section most likely

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