Kirby's Epic Yarn

Started by SparkingCharge, 2015 Jul 06, 13:04:15

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 :D I love to love this game i mean it is a friken game with NO DIEING!

Itty Bit

Lots of games have no deaths in it, though.~
I like it too! It's a charming experience, and it's very relaxing to play when I just want to go through the motions of playing a game, and not worry about anything. That being said, I'm also excited for Yoshi's Wooly World when that comes out, too C:

Big thanks to Princess Parfait for this beautiful title! Click on it to check out my Tumblr! <3


Something about the narrator in this game makes this enjoyable despite being super easy.

"We did it! We got the magic yarn!" :)


"This grass feels funny... it feels like pants"  lol

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