The Battle for "Best Pony"

Started by PrincessButton, 2015 Jun 19, 15:25:49

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It is true, that when the question "who is best pony" arises, battles and arguments are bound to break out. Here in this thread, I'd like to see everyone post a photo of their personal pick for "best pony," and I'll keep a little tally in the original post. (Optional: An explanation, in addition to a picture, of why you like said pony best.  ^-^ )

Once again, this is supposed to be a fun thread, so please no arguing. We all know that each person is entitled to their own opinions. We also all know that everypony is best pony!

Disclaimer: Your "best pony" does NOT need to be an actual pony it can be any character from the show My Little Pony, so long as they are indeed your favorite! Choose wisely!  :D
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