What Does Your Cutie Mark Tell You?

Started by Blizzard_Frost, 2015 Jun 09, 23:40:12

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If your OC has a cutie mark, what is it and what does it mean?


My Oc's don't have a Cutie Mark yet (though I may have ideas for their talents) but my ponysona does. It's a puzzle piece together with a looking glass because I seem to have the talent to solve other people problems. It means I can have a detailed search on the situation (Looking Glass) to find what is missing to solve the situation (The Puzzle Piece). I doesn't mean I can solve ANYTHING tho, I may be able to solve a range of things with some stuff I know but even I will have things I can't solve because I simply doesn't have specific and deep knowledge of that. For example a very hard Math issue or Coding issue, i won't be able to solve it because I don't know that enought of Math or because I suck terribly at coding XD
I hope I doesn't sound too bad for a Cutie Mark :33
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game stick because I play a lot of games it my whole child hood

Azazial M. Rodriquez

um maybe a psycho symbal or somting

Nightshade Star

My CM is this:

It means that I'm the one who raises the stars, even if it doesn't look like it.


Interesting question, especially with the main focus of the current season apparently being Cutie Marks. I am a bit disappointed that there are not many answers for now.

I am adding mine anyway : my ponysona's Cutie Mark is a sprout above a gear, forming a question mark. I wanted something which would gather my interest in biology (and science in general), and the fact that I like to think ; I am often lost in thoughts.


I haven't quite nailed mine down, but I was thinking that Epic Prose (The name of my personal OC) has a book and an inkwell, because he is a writer (As I am a writer).


It tells me to burn things.  ovO
Those things usually being street torches.


Griffons don't have or get cutie marks.

And if your cutie mark is talking to you, you have bigger problems than what it's telling you. :P
Watch for "Census Taker" (pegasus), "Chuck Wagon" (earth pony), and "Bug Hunter" (unicorn).

Midnight Breeze

It doesn't tell me anything, it asks a question: "What makes it tick?"

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