Subtitles for Season 5's Episode 6: Appleoosa's Most Wanted

Started by Onion Sing, 2015 May 28, 19:44:38

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Onion Sing

I can't seem to find subtitles for Season 5's 5'th (Tanks for the Memories) and 6'th's (Appleoosa's Most Wanted) episodes.
So I went ahead and tried my hand at making them, myself.

It took nearly a day, just to make subs for Episode 6, but it was worth the effort!

I did this because I have a family member that's kinda hard of hearing, but loves dem ponies.  :D

To be honest, I'd rather just get the subtitles from an online source or something, because I've never really done stuff like this before, and it takes such a long time for me to do it.  D:
Anypony got any links to good places with Pony subs?

If I wind up making subs for Episode 5, too, I'll be sure to start a new thread, to post them in, so long as it's ok with the mods.  X3

Here's a link to a copy of the subtitles I made, for Season 5's Sixth episode:

They're designed to sync up with the iTunes 1080p commercial-free version of that episode.
The episode itself is not included. You gotta get it yourself, somehow.  :P

You'll probably need to use a 3'rd party video player, that supports External Subtitles, to get em to work, though.
Can't speak for apple or android stuff, but I just use Zoom Player with the DirectVobSub plugin on XP or Windows 7... Both are free. Google em if ya wanna.  ;)

If you right-click on the Video Playback Area of Zoom Player, when playing a video (It's ok if it's paused, but it does need to be loaded) a menu will appear.
Mouse over "Stream Selection" and another menu will appear, where you can pick Audio and Subtitle streams, for whatever video is loaded and playing (or loaded and paused).  x3

You also need to make sure both the Subtitle File and the Video File are named exactly the same, except for The part after the dot, and both are in the same folder/directory.

Kinda like this:

Or like this:

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