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Started by Merry_Mason, 2015 May 24, 17:58:03

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2015 May 24, 17:58:03 Last Edit: 2015 May 24, 18:22:57 by Merry_Mason
dont have alot unwraped models mostly just make them trying to work on some pony ones but iv been asked to build canterlot again on SL so currently working on rebuilding what i did in the past but better

one my blender works from long ago

model above is a design i was doing for militery group i was with it was to be a new fighter to replace a old model i did but groups died out for most part my dream to too fully learn how to unwrap models and get better at making them.  ^-^
picture of Canterlot i did some time ago sadly it closed its doors and isnt around any more but working on a new one ill post pic of its completion at a later date

ultimate goal is to maybe make models for games hopefully
Canterlot i did was with the help of my good friend Foxox  :D

i am working on some models to make canterlot none are any where near complition but show what i have for the stadium so far
Stormspirit_Gearbox only few friends on here will know me by this name

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