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Started by Sugarcup, 2015 May 16, 22:27:52

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Feel free to check out my [URL=]Oc page[/URL]!


drew one of my own OC's. Soft Stripes


Quote from: Sugarcup on 2015 Jun 07, 23:04:51
drew one of my own OC's. Soft Stripes

That looks drop dead amazing and so cool looking O:
an ask blog of mine id love for you to check it out

my regular art blog

not sure what i can say about me that is of interests, but if you would like to ask me something ill be more than happy to answer!


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Hi Sugarcup, do you still do requests.If you do I would really appreciate if you would redo Moly for me.
Spoiler: Moly • show
Thanks in advance. :D And sorry for being a bother.
My heart burns for you.

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