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Started by Sugarcup, 2015 May 16, 22:27:52

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Billow Pillow

Greetings, and salutations! May I request a drawing of my lovable character, Billow? XD

(Click Picture for additional detail)
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Quote from: Itty Bit on 2015 May 16, 22:58:39
It's pretty sweet to see ya doin requests once again, Sugarcup! I've always loved your art! C:
as for a request, would it be alright if you could draw my dumdum baby horse Itty Bit? She's gone through quite a bit of change since your first request pages opened up way back during EO ^^
Spoiler: show

here ya go itty

Itty Bit

I love it so much! Thank you so much Sugarcup, it's so beautiful! <3

Big thanks to Princess Parfait for this beautiful title! Click on it to check out my Tumblr! <3


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I know it'll be a bit before you get down here, but may I please request a drawing of my OC, pictured]here[/URL] please?
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Me too, please :) Can I request my avatar, Azure, standing with another of my OCs Lustre?
This is Lustre (just noticed she looks like a Cheerilee clone...)
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Can I request a picture of my OC Star Diver? (Whenever you get to it is fine :))

Cutie mark:

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Well I can't resist throwing my request into the mix, b'cuz, you know I love you Sugarcup. X3

Would you perhaps consider drawing Button?
Spoiler: reference~! • show

I'm in love with the drawing of Itty that you did!
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Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2015 May 16, 23:10:47
Hey!  Welcome back!

You are actually one artist i've been hoping to request from for a very long time.  You have a super unique and beautiful style!

May I request Darcy?

Spoiler: References • show

Spoiler: CM(Optional XD) • show

Princess Darcy

Absolutely beautiful!  I really love how you draw wings too!  Thank you so much.  That made my (so far extremely boring  slow and mind numbing) day!


adorable pones are adorable

You've just been McSleuthburgered!
shoutout to Ethereal Nebula for the avatar (full picture )


Oh my goodness they all look so so cute in your style :D


this is my character

can u do her? please?
and sorry if their links sadly its not letting post pics

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Quote from: AppleJack123 on 2015 May 18, 19:37:29
this is my character

can u do her? please?
and sorry if their links sadly its not letting post pics

the thing is, your copying the website url instead if the actual picture. you right click on the picture, copy then it shows up:
Spoiler: here you go! • show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show


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Quote from: SparklestheUnicorn337 on 2015 May 16, 23:12:45
Could you consider doing Patience? She's on my OC page in my signature. Thanks!  ^-^

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Quote from: CrabApple on 2015 May 16, 23:21:34
Wattt!  Ryo!  Well I can do one better. What if I requested Ryo!  :3

hide'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerHTML = 'Spoiler: cutie  pone :3show'; }" />Spoiler: cutie  pone :3show

or maybe cute ship art of both our ponies ewe? :ajshifty:
here is your wish :3


Well, it's not Patience, it's Serene Citrine, but I love it anyways! Thank you so much, Sugarcup!  :D


Quote from: SparklestheUnicorn337 on 2015 May 19, 00:48:02
Well, it's not Patience, it's Serene Citrine, but I love it anyways! Thank you so much, Sugarcup!  :D


OMG! Ryo looks flippin majestic!


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Quote from: GlassMirror on 2015 May 16, 23:51:26
Could you do Relic for me? here's a recent picture, his snout is like a mare's snout (somewhat):
hide'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.innerHTML = 'Spoiler: The designs are decorations if you look below the picture :3show'; }" />Spoiler: The designs are decorations if you look below the picture :3show

The designs you see on him are just decoration, and so is the horns on his face(not head) and hooves.
the wing that is not a dragon wing is also decoration
And his mark is something different, but with that same symbol though :3
o and the two chains are also decorations as well because their in the wrong place for one thing lol
Spoiler: his cutie mark is on this picture • show

Spoiler: how his chains look • show

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Quote from: Naura on 2015 May 17, 03:18:22
If you can take some more requests, I would like to request some twin Oc's of mine, Dawn Blue and Dusk Blue. I can understand that you may deny this request since I am requesting two ponies, and you already got a lot of requests. But if you have time, here are some pics:
Spoiler: show

please ask for another (ONE) character


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You know, I think I'll throw in a request as well.  It's extremely rare for me to request, but... why not?  If you have the open time, I request you draw my ponysona, Yuu Fengo.

Spoiler: Reference • show

The cut in the third picture has long since healed, and the kanji in the first one does not have to be that one - though you definitely can if you don't feel like looking up a kanji character to put in there :3

Oddly specific request, I guess, but yeah...


Heh, kinda saw it coming X3 Okay, can you draw Syringa Scent, I have a ref, the colors is a little updated, I'll send a second picture with the updated colors.
Spoiler: show
Sorry if its bad quality, I'm sending these from my phone.
Feel free to check out my [URL=]Oc page[/URL]!

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