Memories of the Open Server Event!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 May 16, 21:28:00

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Hello, everypony!

I've been loving all the pictures and stories you've all been posting, so I decided to post some of my own!

I was overwhelmed with just how many of you there were! It was amazing meeting so many new friends!

We decided to make a heart shape - out of ponies! If any Pegasi got a better view, I'd love to see it!

More dancing with my new friends!

Next, we decided we'd meet by the fountain and play some games.

We played Hide and Seek in the mine. I got found really fast, but it was a lot of fun!

Next was the pony conga line. It lasted through the night and into the next morning!

Sugarcane Corner was the place to be. Lots of pictures from the party we had there!

We had a Fluffy visitor come to the party, but she ran around so much it was hard to get a picture!

This is the last one I got before the weekend ended, I had so much fun!

The Open Server Event was an amazing experience, and I can't wait for the next one! Meeting you ponies was so incredible, I only wish I could have met you all!
If you've got any memories to share, you can post them in this thread on our Forums, or tweet them to us at @LegendsofEq. I'd love to see them!

See you next time!


Yay! memories it was soooo much fun :D :3 i loved seeing you all and making friends and meeting familiar and new faces


hmm 15 months


Looks like you guys had lots of fun :3

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to join the last two OSWs.  Hopefully I'll be able to join the next one :3

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Yay! I'm So Happy!  :D

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But At Downloads is nothing  :c


Game looks awesome so far.  :D

Didn't manage to catch any OSW at all, finally last week the hamster in my head began to work and voilá, mail notifications.  X3
Now I just need to wait.


lol I saw me saying in the background: TIME FOR THE SCREENSHOT! (I am Flame Anger on the four last screenshots)



Ahh I remember this! I think I even got some pictures of you too :D

Spoiler: show

(plus fluffle!)

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Glad to see ya in the game. It's been an amazing time, and each OSW the game has improved. It was great having you in the letter forming and the conga line. And... OMG my face is covered lol

Had some good photos and videos with friends together in this OSW and hope to catch everyone again in the next one.
I thank all of you and keep up the good work.
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I see me in the last several pictures!
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i am there in a few pics. had a lot of fun hanging out with Ellowee in the mines and at sugerkane corner.  ^-^
what is supposed to go here?


i see me in the second photo :D (im Strawberry Wishes
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Hah!  I see my little guy Night Star on the 4 bottom pics! :D

Hah! And I can see my wonder dog Douge hiding below me. :D :D

Can't wait for the next Open Server Weekend!


Hola! Just wondering when the next open server event will be on, cuz I've been waiting FOREVER! I really hope its soon, though because its now my holidays for next week and I was wondering if you could put it on for that whole week. (I have nothing to do)


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I have lot of screenshots. But... My hdd in broken so I don't know, what data we save. But any screenshots are in my DA. So later I post any :)


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Awesome photos! :D And great to hear that it was an incredible experience for you as well ^.^ It is every single time for me, truly a blessing.

Oooh, that heart-shaped circle of friends!! Amazing!! Well done :D Pretty much every time I'm among a gathering of ponies, I try to go for that X3 And I kinda succeeded, back in August last year, in my first OSW! That was right after the first wave of dragons X3 Those are some of my dearest memories of my time in Equestria... ^.^

About the latest OSW, and that rave at its dusk, I was in another room having a private party with friends, but I managed to drop by to say hi a few times :D And I saw you Ellowee!
Oh, I'm usually White Cloud, but back then I used another pony, Mellow Dream ^^
I recorded a few videos of the OSW, including that rave! I couldn't record for long because my PC couldn't handle it D: Still, here's the link to the folder if you're interested :
You appear in "02 - Dancing Line" and "08 - The Rave". Also look at that march we did in Canterlot in "01 - Canterlot March", it was quite epic XD
Oh and I got a recording of Fluffle Puff when she came to say hi to our group! That would be the 7th video.
See you next time I hope!

And as always, to anypony reading this, love y'all ^.^
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Awesome! I'm so sorry I wasn't there..I lost the game when we got our new computer, now I need to wait until the next OSW  :'(
I promise I'll be there when the servers open! You'll probably see me around (I'll most likely be playing as my newest character Chocolate Crunch, a Pegasus pony)
See you around! :)

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