MLP Found when not searching for MLP

Started by Onion Sing, 2015 Apr 30, 17:28:31

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Onion Sing

Decided to look up some info on Graphene, because Science  X3 , and found a cool video about it on the youtube.

But after the video ended, there be Ponies in the middle of Related Videos thumbnails.  :o

The MLP Thumbnail linked to a scene from Season Two, Episode 23 'Ponyville Confidential'.

Pretty sure this happened because of my watching history, since that Spa Scene has nothing to do with Graphene.  :D

Anywho, was wondering if any of ya'll have come across anything similar, and, like me, was pleasantly surprised.  ^-^

Nightshade Star


The ponies are everywhere
The ponies shall rule the world
Everything must be ponies
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I decided to watch some good ol jacksepticeye and boomX9 MLP!

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