How old, it too old?

Started by PoetryInMotion, 2015 Apr 20, 11:48:19

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I am 59, 60 in July, and I was wondering, am I far to old to consider myself a Brony or Pegasister?

As far as being a fan, I can honestly say I am, I watch the series, I have videos that I purchased of the series, I have pony merchandise and have assembled a Cosplay outfit of Fluttershy, and I watch fan made videos and reviews on you tube. Though at this time I simply cannot afford to go to any conventions and know few other fans personally.

I do try to make friends within the fandom,  but sometimes it seems my age is a turn off to others.

Am I just plain to old to be a fan? or at least wise, to old to NOT be a closet fan? Perhaps due to my age, I should keep my enjoyment of the series to myself and not try to share it with other fans?


As far I I am concerned, fandoms do not hold an age limit.  Yes, a large demographic of numerous fandoms are averaged at like, 15-30, but there are outliers in all of them.  The occasional age eleven or age fifty+ person isn't really too young or old to be in a fandom, there's just not many of the same age due to social expectations or similar. 

Personally, I enjoy seeing these outliers every now and again.

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I agree with @AnthroYuu , age doesn't matter when it comes to liking something, and it shouldn't be a reason to isolate yourself either.

When it comes to dealing with younger fans, I think so long as you have their interests in mind then it shouldn't be a problem.  Like if they don't feel comfortable hanging out with someone significantly older than them, it's important to respect those boundaries. Also if you go to a convention, make sure minors are accompanied by their legal guardian/s or are at least of 18 years of age, y'know basic common sense stuff. :nod:

You're always welcome to participate in pony discussions here on the forums! <3 I also heard that The MLP Arena is full of people over 30, just in case you need even more pony fans to relate to

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