Trying to get on same server as friend

Started by Dadster, 2015 Apr 10, 20:13:18

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I'm trying to get in the same game as my friend, we join the same server but keep ending up in different games. Is there a way to get in the same game?



You see those numbers on the left side of your screen? You and your friend's gotta be the same numbers.

Hope i helped!


Thanks, ya we can't seem to get the same numbers, oh well.


Onion Sing

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Oh hey. I think i figured out why yall might have different number selections on the same server.
You need to be in the same area too.

Oh, and if you go inside of a building, they also have their own numbers too.
So, for example, if you are both in Ponydale, but one of you is in Sugar Cube corner, and the other is outside, or in the library, the numbers will be different sets.

So, for example, you gotta Both be in the same town, and both outside,
or both in the same building,

then global chat what room you are in to your buddy, then it'll work. ^_^

~ I hope that makes sense >_<

I'll take some screenshots when I finish downloading the updated client

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Here are the screenies, to help explain what I'm trying to say...

Both in Ponydale.

This one is outside of SugarCube Corner:

And this one is Inside Sugarcube Corner:

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