MLP Inspired Poem: Up and Up

Started by Rainy_Sky, 2015 Apr 10, 13:15:56

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Hiya! I've been told that I'm good at writing poetry and such, and I won 3rd place in the literary fair in my county (huzzah!) so I guess I'll write some stuff and just leave it here for all of your approval ^-^ this one is called "Up and Up" written by yours truly :3 Enjoy!

Gliding through the azure sky,
that was how she learned to fly.
several fun-filled years went by,
Now she soars so very high.

Up and up Rainbow flew,
where she learned it nopony knew!
faster and faster she soared,
many watching the mare they adored.

Suddenly, BAM! The sky was a spectrum!
Her mane trailed far to and from.
wind in her feathers, she was truly free from
the earth's tethers.

Sailing through the cloudless sight, she began to pace her flight.
She was at peace, Rainbow knew. In her heart she felt it true!
Rainbow Dash was meant to be free, sailing up and up full of glee!

I hope you all liked it, this was just something I made up as I was typing it :D
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