[Herd] Knights Of The Dawn - Under New Leadership!

Started by PlatinumJoystick, 2015 Apr 05, 19:44:22

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Welcome to the Knights' Herd Page!

Oh hi! We're the Knights Of The Dawn, as you probably already read. We're a group of friends just hanging around and enjoying each others' company. There's punch and cookies by the door, and people to befriend beyond that.

The Knights of the Dawn are located primarily on Piaffe, though not exclusively.

Use this form, and if there aren't any glaring problems, you should be in our company in no time.

Spoiler: Form Configuration • show

Example Form,
OC name:  Dawns Embrace
Race:  Pegasus
Talent:  Getting on Stanwixbuster's nerves

Backstory and a photo/description of the appearance are optional, but they do help.

Spoiler: Ranks and Crests • show

1: Dawn Captain
Spoiler: Pegasus Ranks • show

2: Pegasus General
3: Lt. General

4: Colonel

5: Lt. Colonel

6: Major

Spoiler: Unicorn Ranks • show

2: Unicorn Admiral
3: Vice Admiral

4: Captain

5: Commander

6: Ensign

Spoiler: Earth Ranks • show

2: Earth Pony General
3: Lt. General

4: Sergeant

5: Corporal

6: Private

Dawn Captain and those one rank below get custom crests, if they wish it.

You'll have one of the above ranks, and the latter section of the post will be edited to reflect that if you do decide to join.

Spoiler: Members • show

(PlatinumJoystick) Platinum Joystick: Dawn Captain

Spoiler: Pegasus Column • show

(Brave-Dash) Brave Dash: Pegasus General
(M00nGl0w) Moon Glow: Lt. General
(Siox) Siox: Lt. Colonel
(Dashieisbestpony) Summer Skies: Lt. Colonel
(PrinceDarkShadow) Fallen Gaurdian/The Fallen: Lt. Colonel
(PïkâWölf) Wind Drop: Major
(krono Angelo whooves) Krono Whooves: Major
(Kelvin) Sonic Hooves: Major
(ForwardUntoDawn) Dawn Star: Major

Spoiler: Unicorn Column • show

(Checkmate) Checkmate: Unicorn Admiral
(Greyscaleisme) Grey Scale: Captain
(Grizzly) Blue Scale: Captain
(Flutterborn/Dragonshy) Flutterborn: Commander
(VelvetSketch) Velvet Knight: Commander
(Howitzer) Howitzer: Commander
(KrystalClear) Krystal Clear: Ensign

Spoiler: Earth Column • show

(ChibiGrrl) Sweet Hoof: Earth Pony General
(Ramisha) Forest Wyvern: Lt. General
(Blue Shield) Blue Shield: Sergeant
(Naura) Naura: Corporal
(FakeSmile) Predestine: Corporal
(Kiki Spoons) Animal Lover: Private
(Maplewood) Maplewood: Private

Hail to the Knights Of The Dawn.

That one friend you used to be close to, but now only see once every few months.


So, will we be getting the group back together for this next OSW?
If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid
 Knights of Dawns, because we're pretty much dead

Lilly the Rose

Name: Water Lilly
Race: Unicorn
Talent: Herbal remedies and healing magic

           Backstory: Lilly was born and raised in Canterlot. Always ambitious to help others in need, she left home when she came of age to learn new ways. Most of her fascination laid with alchemical and magical knowledge. She enjoys using potions for salves, potions, poultices, etc. to mend wounds and cure illness. She dislikes using the hospital to do what she can do, but if there is no other way, she will tolerate it.4
((Backstory still under heavy editing and revision. Any suggestions, feel free to tell me!))

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