What are your dreams?

Started by daringfire, 2015 Apr 01, 19:58:08

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I really want to do voice overs for cartoons... I hope maybe someday I can be on mlp maybe gen 5 XD What r ure dreams?? Plz be respectful to each other I hate fighting... I know im not a mod. but still plz
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Hmm... maybe become a famous artist? I would like a career in art where I can make enough money to live comfortably. I would like to be able to live near some of my friends because most of my friends live far away. Would also like to have a lot of pets, maybe be a crazy cat lady lol


I want to make special effects, or create a game about my story. But my one dream is to become a YouTube countdown maker, and meet a YouTuber called Joshscorcher. I've mentioned him a few times, but all I'll say is that his videos (especially his MLP reviews) saved my life.
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Open a tea shop or tea farm, maybe both

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Be a very successful and famous artist!

Nah, just kidding.
I just really want to have own happy family.

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Become an awesome computer programmer. Write loads of novels. Get someone to create manga/anime using ideas I have in my head. Become amazing at playing the electric guitar (Metal ftw!).  Design video games. Create a campaign setting for tabletop roll playing games. Learn several martial  arts. Learn sword fighting. Learn stick fighting.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head X3

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My dream was always to become
a police detective! Bein' out there
talkin' to witnesses and followin'
But my "realistic" dream
is to be a Forensic Scientist and
a foster parent.

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My dream is to become a writer and artist. :3
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I aspire to be a general Psychologist, able to help those who need it.  Though, I also want to keep my hobbies close, and potentially get commissioned for them.  I want to be able to write at least one book that gets published, complete with my own cover art on it.  Likewise with at least one published album.  I want to continue my hobbyist photography, in a fairly secluded area so I can pursue Nature photography, and potentially even nude photography, as such a style has kept my interest for quite some time now.

It may seem impossible to fully grasp this dream, but I'm doing scarily well at keeping up with it as of so far.  I just hope it'll happen. ^-^

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Become financially stable with safety nets for when life becomes unpredictable

Spoiler: What the optimist part of my mind says • show

-Publish a novel
-Work in voice acting
-Get a cat. Maybe 4.

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start a company, either Pig House Engineering or Alternative Energy.


I'll be honest and say that my dream has changed since last I wrote it here.  I've come to realize how time consuming being a Psychologist is, and... I realized that I really wouldn't like to dedicate all that time toward it.  My new dream is fairly open - I want to be able to work off the hobbies I have, as I have many.  I want to write at least one book, I want to be able to sell works of art, I want to do game and web design/development, I want to compose at least one album, and I want to have one to live with that I could call my special someone.

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I'm still having some issues finding out what I wanna do with my life, but I know for sure I want to animate and make cartoons, or have my own indie development team and make some successful games together!

But for right now, I've got a lot to focus on already, mostly due to my personal issues I need to fix up. So as a short term goal, I just want to find a nice place I can fully settle into to get started with everything~

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