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<3Season 6 of FIM, IS CONFIRMED! <3

I found that URL off Toxic-Mario's DeviantART Journal. Oh yes, Wikipedia also states that notion.

:nod: HOORAY!! :nod:


Well I'll be! That is exciting news!

I sorta had a feeling we'd be getting a Season 6 anyway, but it's nice to finally see it confirmed <3

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I expect we'll be getting at least 9 seasons total. Beyond that, it depends if the show is still crazy popular!
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Wasn't MLP confirmed to be funded for 7+ seasons?

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Quote from: Night Pony on 2015 Apr 01, 02:49:34
Wasn't MLP confirmed to be funded for 7+ seasons?

Yes. It's been confirmed since 2013.


Quote from: Midnight Breeze on 2015 Apr 01, 03:57:25
Yes. It's been confirmed since 2013.

Really? I thought it was confirmed that we'll be getting a few more years of pony, including a movie in 2017, but I don't remember the number of seasons being thrown around or anything.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will make history for little girls' shows! ovO

Especially with the route it's currently taking, what with the season 4 finale and the season 5 premiere.

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According to Equestria Daily, it was from a press release from Discovery Family.

Perhaps the show is staying there after all?

That might actually be a good thing. We won't have to worry about unnecessary crossovers at least...

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As long as the seasons keep coming, i'm a happy chappy  :D

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It's such an accomplishment for a cartoon show to get passed 3 season, let alone up to 6! It's so great that there will be many more episodes to come. I do hope the writers continue to have good ideas (as they have already proven they can) and the fan base stays this amazing. I am so happy to hear about a possible 7th season and the movie.




Season 6 ? We will always see.  0:)
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I'm already hyped for season 6 ...

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I hoped there would be a season 6. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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 ono idk about you guys but i personally think mlp has gotten bad. ever since.. faust.


I'm happy to know there are more seasons to come!  :D
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Aah , it's really great that the series continues !! It's nice ! ^-^
Personally, I hope there will be season 7 !!

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