Legends of Equestria at BABSCon 2015 & Open Server Announcement!

Started by Ellowee, 2015 Mar 28, 21:45:45

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BABSCon is coming up in April! For those of you going, we wish you a safe travel and a happy time down at the convention. If you haven't heard yet, we'll be making our way down there as well! You'll be able to meet and talk with the ponies who help make the game possible and prod them with thousands of questions.

If you're not joining us at BABSCon, fear not; you'll be able to enjoy our panel through the magic of the internet, where we'll be discussing all sorts of cool stuff about the game and perhaps leak some cool secrets!

Err, I mean, what secrets? We don't have any secrets!
Legends of Equestria does not comment on rumors and speculations relating to the game.

Mmm, yes, quite. Anyway, the panel happens at 1:30 PM PDT on Friday April 3rd so we hope to see everypony there!

After the convention, we hope you'll still have some room left for more fun! We're happy to announce that we'll be having another Open Server Event on April 10-12! It will be a chance to try out some cool new features we've been working on in the game, as well as experience all the content we've offered in the past. Just in case you missed any of it! We'll be providing more information, and the download links, closer to the event, so stay tuned!

April is going to be an exciting month for Legends of Equestria and we hope to see you all join us for the fun!

Now if you excuse me, I need to get ready to meet up with Golden Gates!
Hmm... Now where is my airship ticket...


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I hope this open server event is more stable than the last time. I'm looking forward for this open server event, but most likely that all the people are looking forward for it as well. hopefully all the bugs & glitches from the last open server were fixed as well.
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Woot! *dances*  looking forward to all the dance lines, pony towers, and butt scooting races!

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Hopefully the game will successfully enter the world this time. The second to last one when I finished character creation the game would just crash, strangely though the weekend before it had been working fine.


Another OSW, maybe my computer will be done committing suicide by Microsoft, so that I may play.


yay!  :D another chance to play hopefully i can get my pc ready by then  ovO



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I marked my calendar! I freaked out when I went on its webpage! THANK U DEVS YOU ARE THE BEST
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Feel free to check out my [URL=http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=11982.0]Oc page[/URL]!


Waiting for playing it. And Ellowee's voice is so awesome!
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I hope to play the game more often with some friends! I'm a Mexican Brony, kinda a veteran in LoE. ¡También hablo español!

PM me if you want my Discord username. I hope to see you in the game!


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i've been bouncing with excitement since I heard  :3,  I can't wait!  ^-^


Wow. I definitely didn't see this coming, to be honest. I didn't expect another OSW until at least July... It seems they are becoming more frequent... not that I would complain :D Is that a good sign? :3

I'm totally excited to dash off into LoE again alrea...
*Remembers that he and his family move sometime in April*
Uh oh. That might become a problem internetwise... Ah well, guess there's not much else to do than to hope for the best :s


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Open Server Weekend number 8, here I come!! :D :D

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Oh holy crap, now they're already doing another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get in trouble with compressing all my videos! I'm running out of space on my HDs! DD:

But I'm so there again! :D
It will be weird to have it when just the third episode of Season 5 airs, but, who cares? It's Legends of Equestria! The only thing that can truly compete with the show when it's about hype meters! :D
I just hope that the episode doesn't again introduce an important background pony that I will forget about for weeks after the episode aired then because Legends of Equestria hypes me so much! Sorry Chirpy. X3


Quote from: christophr on 2015 Mar 29, 16:34:55
Wow. I definitely didn't see this coming, to be honest. I didn't expect another OSW until at least July... It seems they are becoming more frequent... not that I would complain :D Is that a good sign? :3

Brace hype yourselves..... Beta is coming for the ponies.....
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