The Human That Became a Pony.

Started by BlazeingKnight, 2015 Mar 14, 22:01:00

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This is a tale. A tale of how a Human became a full pony. Though still holding some of her inner human traits. This tale includes how she found not only found the magic of friendship but also the  love of her life. It begins.

There where voices and mumbles. The sound of clanking. And clopping? "Where am I?" my thoughts asked. A flap from my back. A Clopping from below me. Twitching ears and something that sounded like the rustling of hair but from my flank that should not be. my eyes slowly open. all I saw was blurr and fuzz. It cleared but me head was still spinning and hurting painfully. I shook my head alittle. I was then face to face with... a unicorn with wings? Or a horned Pegasus?
She looked at me in away that made me uneasy. She spoke and I saw her mouth moveing but I could not hear anything. She seemed familiar but when I thought about it my head would feel like splitting open. I lifted my arm to me head to rub my fingers over my temples hopeing to ease the pain. But fingers was not what I felt on my head. I felt something hard. A rock? No. Was the Unicorn with wings touching my head? But her hooves where under her keeping her front standing. So what was touching my head. I look at what should be a human arm with 5 fingers on it but instead I saw a hoof. A hoof that was attached to the arm that was attached to me. My head only hurt more. It was so painful. I didn't want to think. I see this unicorn with wings walk forward to me. Her head begins to bend down and her horn making its way towards me. I began to panic. I had no idea what or why she was gona hurt or kill me? "NOOOOO! I'M SORRY! I'M SO SORRY! IF I DID SOMETHING WRONG!" I screamed from the top of my lungs. I then felt wait come on me and hold me in place. As the horn came down my mind shut off. "Why" was my last thought.

To be continued. This is my first story. Now the Unicorn with wings is an alicorn but back before MLP me and others I new just called them Unicorns with wings. Yes the Alicorn is Celestia and my OC can't see the rainbow mane that she has nor can she see the guards in the room. More to come.

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