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Started by Greyscaleisme, 2015 Mar 02, 16:06:15

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This is not a story, but I don't know where else to put it.

This is "I am"
Spoiler: show

I am fire and ice and rage inside
I am a hunger never satisfied
I am cold and clear and dark as night
I am your eternal fight
I am the wind that blows harsh and cold
I am the darkness that awaits your soul
I am nature and pain and all that is free
I am sadness and pleasure and you need me
I am enchanting and repulsive all the same
I am the life which you treat like a game
I sting your face and wipe your tears
I make you bleed and scare away your fears
I pass the time yet hold it still

I am pain disguised as thrill

This is "Fight"
Spoiler: show

Fight till the last breath
Fight till darkness surrounds
Fight till light is gone
Fight till chaos reigns
Fight till Discord may lead
Fight till harmony dies
Fight till life gives up
Fight till the sun extinguishes
Fight till the moon is dust
Fight till Loyalty leaves
Fight till Honesty lies
Fight till Kindness laughs
Fight till Laughter kills
Fight till Generosity snaps
Fight till Magic is gone

Fight till hope is lost

This is "Remembrance" inspired by "Chant of Immortality" by 4everfreebrony (ft Chi-Chi)
Spoiler: show

Light fades as day ends
Friends die as time passes
Immortality becomes a curse
Tears fall from eyes that never age

Remembrance is all you have

Spoiler: show

Dark arrives in silent beauty
Night blends with shadow
Luna watches the skies
Guards begin their patrols
Thieves sneak around corners
Monsters walk in silent grace
Sleep falls upon ponies like a vampire
Peace and quiet for the time
All ends with fire
Flames erupt from homes
Screams fill the air
Beams crash to ground
Families run and seek shelter

Pirates have arrived

Who am I?
Spoiler: show

"Who am I?"

Lost in a world beyond thought.
Living a beautiful lie.
Who am I, to think so deeply?
Who am I, to think beyond what I see?
Who am I, to speak my thoughts into paper?
And who am I, to speak with age?

"Hello Darkness"
Spoiler: show

Hello darkness.
My old friend.
It seems I'm here
To talk again.
Much time has passed
Since I've seen you..
My days have gotten so blue.
Time has moved on
And my life has too.
But I can't
Get over you.
You stay in my mind
Maybe not seen.
But you're always there
Pressuring me.
Bridges attract me
Ropes do
I can't smell bleach
Without thinking
Of you.
You really should go
But I can't force you out.
Maybe I should
Tell someone?
But they don't understand
So I remain

Spoiler: show

Swirling, tumbling, twisting.
This substance moves so violently, but it has a grace.
The grace of nature and life, of beauty and movement.
It falls, spreading into drops that reflect the light, and in doing so, create rays of sun and shadow. Light and dark, and the grey, the swirling blue, and the misty green.

"Domina Luna"
Spoiler: show
Misty grounds far below, shadowed over by mountains and forests. A gentle guardian looks on from above, ever seeing. Known to some as "La Luna" or "Moon" perhaps even "Domina Luna". No matter what, she is ever present, the cool, perfect match for the hot sun. The gentle creature, tamer of beastly hearts, and soother of minds. Ever kind, and ever lovely.

Spoiler: show

Deep dark caverns of decay, those are the eyes that stare at me, intent on something wrong. I must hide, before I am caught. Shivering and shaking I run, ever seeking safety. None to be found in this dismal place, I am without home. The beast cries out "Cease running, young one, you have been found!".

Spoiler: show

Empty nights, and quiet days. What have I to see? Nowhere to go, no-one to know. I am stuck, lost in my own head. Caught between life and peace. I can never decide, do I leave my solace for those that claim to care? Or do I stay here, safe, and at peace?
'Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.


I like them.  :)  The first two, in all honesty, remind me of Turning Gyre by Jaiya, in a good way.


Cool, I'm glad you took the time to read them! I'll certainly look that up when I can. :)
'Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.


I am going to guess that "Pirates" is inspired by lunar pirate, a song by carbon maestro?
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Quote from: Dashieisbestpony on 2015 Mar 08, 13:33:42
I am going to guess that "Pirates" is inspired by lunar pirate, a song by carbon maestro?

That would be more or less correct, it was more inspired by pirates in general, but still.
'Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.


So, I'm just gonna bump this..
'Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.


Pardody of your "Domina Luna". :P I am forever bored, so yeah. Why not?

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'Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.

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