[Bugs Report] 20-21st February OSE

Started by Invultrois, 2015 Feb 20, 22:46:43

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Here is the lists of bugs that i've encountered during the 20th-21st February OSE.

  • Clones

Spoiler: show

  • Camera bugs

The sky sometimes shows larger versions of players and enviroments.
Spoiler: Skybox bug • show

Camera glitch.
Spoiler: Name bug • show

  • The /time command

When set to day the lighting stays at night.

  • Chatbox

Pressing SPACEBAR to jump sometimes results in chat collapsing and expanding which results in fps lag.

  • Character Selection/Builder

When entering a very long name in char builder, and after getting the "Too long of a name" error, everything is unclickable.

  • NPCs

Crystal Kingdom
Lumineer & Choral Codex is on the same location.
Spoiler: show

Jack of Diamonds has the cutest little body with a really large tail.
Spoiler: show

Will be adding more if i encounter more bugs and glitches. And more screenies for bugs.

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