Match Stick - Tainted (WIP/Spoilers)

Started by annosrules, 2015 Feb 20, 20:12:57

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Spoiler: Match Stick - Tainted • show

Action / Front View

Spoiler: Gift Art/Commisions • show
By Sulfur:

Name: Match Stick
Gender: Male
Race: Augmented Unicorn
Age: Stallion
Magic Color: Orange
Occupation: Vanguard of Unnamed Entity
Home: Extradimensional Castle
Cutie Mark: A falling meteor. Like a meteor; Match is not in control of his destiny, but is instead at the mercy of an unseen force that is steering him towards destruction.
Talent: Manipulation
Personality: The transformation is slowly turning Match's kindness into cruelty, and his inspiring words into those of a serpent. While he still retains much of his personality, Match is finding that it is becoming easier and easier to follow out his Queen's diabolical schemes.
Abilities: No longer able to use unicorn magic, Match has found solace in forgotten and forbidden magical arts. Match uses these to cast dark magic and summon meteors to obliterate any opposition.
And with his mana being redirected throughout his body to keep it from escaping all at once, Match has found his unique combination of mana and flesh to be a powerful asset. With the ability to make his hooves like searing irons, and scorch the very sky with a fiery trail from his wings, Match has found little need of mundane weapons of any sort.
     Upon swearing his allegiance to a being known only to himself, Match began a painful transformation that lifted him off the ground as he was surrounded in a slurry of dark magic. Still able to see his silhouette through the translucent energies surrounding him, Match's friends looked on him with terror as the dark energies funneled into Match's already mana-rich body. These energies breached Match's capacity for them and created an overload that painfully shattered his horn. And as Match recoiled from the pain, two fully formed wings unfolded from his sides, completing the transformation. As the magical energies suspending Match dissipated, he fell helplessly to the ground and into a broken heap.
     On the ground Match could hear only two things; his heart beat, and a soft voice urging him to stand. Though the voice was not that of any one of the ponies surrounding him, it was one he knew well. For in the night it would soothe his pains and offer advice. But now something was different unlike before where Match could ignore or even block out this unseen helper, he was now finding it hard to think about anything other than it, and Match felt compelled to comply with its command.
     No longer able to refuse the command to stand, Match gathered all his strength and began to raise his crumpled body from the dew drizzled grass. Opening his eyes as he rose, Match felt his irises constrict to serpentine slits in the now painfully bright sunlight. Standing tall, Match got the first glimpses of his altered body as he looked down in shock at his brightly glowing hooves as they seared the ground where he stood.

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